Thursday, July 05, 2007

when its hot hot hot...

you gotta stay cool, cool, cool! check out that temperature!! (the time is wrong) 36.7C. freaking hot!

but for that you need one of these:

yes, this is my new sweet ride!!

i got it yesterday - woohoo!! it is alot of fun to drive, just getting used to the blind spots and such. dropped my parent's off at the airport late yesterday afternoon, and from there returned home with this amazing vehicle. there are more buttons to push than you can possibly imagine, along with the amazing leather interior and creature comforts that are all included. it has an actual thermostat on the controls, so i know that i'm not being too outrageous setting the a/c at 26 when its so hot out there. separate controls in the back seat give everyone a chance to cool off, so its not just the front seat that gets cool! and for those cold winter mornings, there are even seat heaters.

i managed to sell my van on tuesday afternoon, for what i think was fair, just under $2K, so that got it out of our hair before we even needed to try to flog it elsewhere. dh was happy as well, especially when i got the cash in hand that day.

in other news, the interview i had the other morning went well, waiting to hear about it, but i'm sure i could have it if i want. it comes with a $5.50/hr raise and car allowance (i do get mileage now, but that works too) and full time hours with no weekends. downside? full time hours. we'll see. i'm guessing i'll hear about it either tomorrow or early next week.

i also have one more interview on monday afternoon. that one to me may make more sense as it will be more flexible in my hours, full time as well, but it's supposed to be 80/20 - 80% out at the various stores and 20% at home. through the summer i could probably sort it out to work 6 hours out a day and the remainder at home, with weekends off again. there will be some extra travel as well, with it supervising all the employees of the company in alberta, but they are talking about splitting it in half in the not so distant future only because of the sheer size of the territory. i would love that job, it is really something that would be a good position for me. no, its not sales, but it is a step up, and not lateral as with the previous one (even though with that one the money is better - but does that make up for less flexibility?)

and my dear doggie is back - some of you may know that she disappeared on us in a totally panicked moment when the fireworks were going off on canada evening. someone found her north of town, still frightened, and very sore from her extreme escape. she's still got slightly sore paws, but she is moving alot better and is very happy to be home.

that's it, that's all for today - i'm off to find a cold beverage, and have a little relax before dh gets home from work in about 45 minutes. sushi is on the menu for dinner tonight - totally looking forward to that! (not to mention that its not something HOT to eat!!LOL)


Just Rhonda said...

ooooh. Great new ride!!! You'll look like a got momma in THAT!!!

Sue said...

That is one SWEET lookin' ride, my sista'!!
When are you heading over to Ontario so I can test drive it?? ;)

Rosalie (a.k.a altabrat) said...

Very nice wheels!!! Good luck with the job interviews, hope you get the one that you really want.

Meredith said...

Wooooo - that is one sweet looking ride! I just love a new car. We got our first new car 2 months ago and I never want to drive our other perfectly fine other old car.

Hey - thanks for getting rid of that google account only comments thing!

Anonymous said...

Great new ride! Love VW!!!!

And so great to hear that your dog is home! I know what a panic that can set everyone in. AH! And let those sore paws be a lesson to the poor pooch! (My Dog had worn his quite raw after his wild run!)