Thursday, May 31, 2007

i dare ya...

it was a gorgeous day here today, and ending up not having to work after all, and keeping b home this morning because i was supposed to have worked and was going to take him with me because it would have meant an extra trip back to the city for his dentist appointment, and because i could...

i sat on the back deck with b for most of the day, made phone calls, gave myself a pedicure, and just had an all round nice hang out day with my kid.

so i dare ya...

dig out your footbath that has dustbunnies in it, or if you don't have one of those, find a basin, throw in some warm water, some sudsy nice smelling stuff, and have a soak. but you gotta do it outside. (and maybe, just maybe, let your kid(s) join you and watch the bliss on their faces when they can look after their tootsies too) and eat an ice cream cone for good measure.

come on - i dare ya!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

wednesday = hump day

no, not *that* kind of hump...

LOL just the usual midweek kind of hurdle, the final fling towards the weekend!

last night i made an awesome shrimp with peanut sauced pasta

and boy was it good! check out all the awesome ingredients in

cilantro, homemade peanut sauce, shrimp, rice noodles, snap peas, asparagus, and some lime for on top. wow. good eats!

interesting enough, rene quite liked it too, even though he has a strong aversion to peanut butter. it was just never something that he ate as a kid. same thing as tuna. in germany, it is basically the last thing you would eat, as it is rated as cat food.

we went out for an extra long walk last night with those crazy dogs of ours. we were out quite a bit longer than usual, probably walked about double what we normally do, as we hadn't gone in a couple days as the wind makes both dh and i somewhat miserable. kikanue had a bit of a rough walk, she was barking at anything that moved.

heading off to work today, hopefully in not too long a time, i have to put a call in to see if the order has arrived yet, as it is on the other side of the city. mind you, by the time i get there, i'm sure it will be!!

jonah's theatre production is opening tomorrow night. it's called "Strathmore Theatre Players Spring Variety Show" and runs only tomorrow and friday evening. he's pretty pumped about the whole thing! i'm thinking about attending the dress rehersal tonight to take some pics of the star!!

and here's a couple of pics from the other day:

i tell ya, we have some crazy dogs - they love to wrestle!

Monday, May 28, 2007

it smells sooooooooo good!

have had a nice monday :)

spent the morning with my sister and 2 nieces and nephew. got to cuddle the little peanut while mommy went in to meet with the surgeon for my nephew's hernia's that he will be getting fixed sometime in the next couple of months. poor little guy!

went to the mall after the hospital, and had lunch and a quick wander before heading home.

and what is that smell??

i've got a roast in the oven cooking with a marinade/sauce for vietnamese subs - or also known as bahn bo. yum. one of our favorite things to eat. and super duper easy. we like them with chicken as well. the bread you get at the sub shops is different than what you can find at the store, but using baguettes is close enough. the difference is that the vietnamese bread is light and crispy on the outside and very soft and melt in your mouth on the inside. baguettes tend to be a chewier outside crust and doughier on the inside. but its all good either way.

tomorrow will be an at home day for me. hope to get a layout done, i started it late last week, and haven't sat down at my desk much over the weekend. wanting to submit it for a DT call, its not a paper store, but something else. am i being cagey? oh yes, but will post it after their call is up. i would really like to get into something but have had a hard time of it so far. it'll happen, i know, just working on it can be the hard part.

here's another pic of b i haven't posted yet from our holidays. love it! we were going to the chinese dinner place that night - he looks so cute!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

sunday night and a week's recap

wow, can't believe its been a week since i've posted anything. it was a crazy hectic week around here for me. not that i get super busy, but things just start to pile up and then its the weekend, which are also never dull for us!

i was covering the sales route that i had been on so many times before, and in some ways, just as uneventful as usual. in other, more eventful than i would have liked. and not in a good eventful way.

it started out with me going in to one of the stores the friday before last. as it was a long weekend, they would rather me work and get calls done on the friday rather than having to pay me extra for working on the holiday. and that's fine with me. i would rather that too, as then i get 2 days off instead of only 1 (as i work most saturdays).

so off i go into one of my not so favorite stores to service, and the general manager says to me "make sure you stay away from D today - he's NOT in a good mood. just let me know what's up when you head out." ok, no problem. this store manager, B, is awesome. he knows that i know what i'm doing, and trusts me as well as will back me up no matter what.

so D, of the jerks that works in that particular store, starts in on me as soon as he spots me. "what the hell are you doing here? oh no, no WAY you're writing an order today." and so on, just the usual kind of crap he pulls even on a regular order day.

i smiled pleasantly, and let him know i was writing the order, when he snarls at me "you make sure that you talk to me before you leave!" now, me, not being the stupid person that he thinks i am, i went about my way, and had the store manager paged to let him know what i had put in for an order before i left. and he was perfectly fine with my what i had put in. if i had talked to D, he would have cut it back by at least half, and given that he had already cut back their weekend order with the other rep, they would have been out of stock on a pile of items.

so fast forward to thursday... my week had been going well, and i knew even before going in, that they would again be jerks like they always have been. so i see the store manager first and he gives me a head up that, yes, indeed, those two jerks were on the warpath.

so J, one of the other ASSistant managers, hauls me off to the back room to berate me for ordering, when not a single full case of anything was back there. of the 85 pieces i had ordered, there were about 10-ish cases total product that were left over. like give me a flipping break. by the next day, all of that could go out on the shelf. hello, you ARE a grocery store. you sell food. people come there to buy food. strange concept, that.

so spoke to the regional sales manager later that afternoon and told him what was going on. interestingly enough, i have been the only one to finally relay this back to him. we all want to think that its all part of the job, but now, he has labled it as abusive, unexcusable behaviour. for the real sales rep, this all may be a relief in the end for her, she's been told off, been rude to, and had more than her share of headaches there too. and for the last rep, she had one heck of a time as well. and for the other lady that has been sharing this particular coverage for the last while as well. the rsm is wanting to nail those two jerks to the wall. especially as they just don't want to co-operate.

the person in all of this that i feel the worst for is the store manager. if those two a-holes treat him like they treat us, wow. makes you really want to plow the hr people in the union office for that.

ok, enough negativity.

we had a busy weekend. i worked for a bit on saturday, came home, and chilled out on the deck after digging up some of my multitudinous iris' for one of my neighbours to put in her yard. then i had a snooze. on the deck. how awesome is that?! we had a fantastic dinner of bbq'd beef ribs, salad, corn on the cob, and beans. yum. sat out on the deck playing cards till after 10pm. gotta love it!

today i got a sleep in until 9am. then after a bit of reading on the computer, did some house tidy-ing (it was a mess - not to mention the sticky kitchen floors!) washed the kitchen floor, washed up a few dishes, gave the boy's bathroom a wipe, ran the vacuum around for a bit, and then sat on the deck to wait for the other relief rep to pick up the computer. had a visit with her, then spent the rest of the afternoon outside. the people across the street had rented an aerator for the weekend, so we paid them $25 to use it to get our front lawn done and our neighbour's as well. jonah mowed the front lawns first, then after rene was finished up with that crazy aerator, jonah ran around both yards with grass seed and fertilizer to perk things up. i finished digging up the iris' on the side of the house, and sent a few more across the street, moved some of them around in the side yard, put some in our backyard flowerbed that rene filled with dirt yesterday, and the last of them went to the people across the back alley. yes, there were alot! so happy to have that little job done and be able to spread the love around!

had a leftover's dinner of some soup that i made on our snowy day on thursday, (that kills me! snow and not too warm on thursday to tank top weather on sunday!!) then headed out to get some groceries with the b-man.

its been a productive weekend!

tomorrow i'm off to meet up with my sister in the morning, she has a specialist's appt with my nephew, so i'll look after my nieces while she's doing that. maybe i can get some photos taken of the new little one!

and if you've gotten this far... here's a funny for ya - that goofy tigger dog actually hung around long enough for me to take his picture - he's terrified of my camera!!

have a great week!

Monday, May 21, 2007


well, its been a rainy day here, so we spent most of it inside. kinda boring for a long weekend monday, but what can you do?

we watched deja vu - the movie - this afternoon. it was really really good! has us sitting on the edge of our seats, only because it made you think of what was going to happen next! if you haven't seen it, i would recommend it!

there has been a break in the rain tonight, and the sidewalks were dry, so after dinner, and watching ramsay's kitchen nightmares (what a hoot that show is!) dh and i took the dog out for a quick walk. they haven't done too well with being cooped up inside the last couple of days. its just too wet for them to be let loose for too long in the yard, they end up coming in with rather wet feet, and i hate washing floors!

so on to the winners: (yes, winners! i'm feeling generous today!)

congrats to Bonnie (in scotland) and twistedsoda!

please email me your mailing addresses to jzankl at telus dot net

congrats ladies! Bonnie, you'll be getting the 7gypsies book and some other little goodies i dig up, and twistedsoda, you'll be getting some fun stuff i have hidden in my stash!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

one more monkey

to jump on the bed!

my sister and the newest addition to their family - what a cute little chickie she's going to be!

i'm sure this was taken pretty much as soon as she was tidied up a bit after she was delivered!

mom's sure got a glow going on *wink*

and one proud daddy to go along with a house full of princesses now!

and one with auntie too, can't forget that!

the rest of the pics are of the new *big* brother and sister - and grandma, grandpa, and great-grandma too! everyone got to check her out!

allie making sure she's real!dad with all his kids!

congrats guys on your new little addition to your family - she is just a little doll!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

she's here!

my new niece is here, she arrived this morning about 10:45am, weighing in at 8lb 3 oz. her name is samantha kern - kern being my sister's and my maiden name. she is a little cutie pie!

and i could kick myself, forgot the camera when i popped in to take a quick peek at her and mom at 2-ish this afternoon. had it in the van with me, but forgot it as i was juggling a booster juice smoothie for my sister, as well as mine (my lunch) on my way up. oh well, mommy has taken a couple of pics that i will retrieve from her later!

after that i went to catch up with the S! girls - kim, connie and rhonda - after picking up my guys, then my two adorable twin niece and nephew (my mom wanted to go see the new little one too - she was doing babysitting duty!), had a very short but good visit. nice to see you ladies! gotta do it again when i may have time to actually breathe! LOL

we're hoping the weather clears up here tomorrow, it was a yuckky day, windy and just not nice. the good thing about dh being at home alone for the day is that he got all the weekend chores done! laundry, emptying the dishwasher, and just generally being domestic!
hoping for the better weather as the doggies aren't in a good frame of mind tonight - no walk because i can't handle the wind. and they are just a little on the rambuncious side of things.

don't forget to post a comment and i'll add you to my little goodie RAK in the post below!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

the new kid on the block and other random things

well, here she is - Kikanue - the newest addition to our household!

she is a black lab cross, and the sweetest girl! she has an awesome temperment, she loves to play lick tigger till he gets cranky (LOL) and just hang out like us girls like to do! she hasn't had alot of leash training, although she has already improved a lot since we got her on monday (nightly walks are a thing in our house now). her and tigger do laps around the backyard as their morning exercise, and the two of them quite like each other. she's won the rights to the bed the last two nights, more because once she flops down and goes to sleep there's no moving her! she is crate trained which is cool, so when i leave for the day she heads in there while i'm out. i don't have to worry about two rambuncious dogs tearing the house apart while i'm not here.

she's having a grand time exploring the backyard, and finding all sorts of goodies that tigger has forgotten about- including his boneyard! i had forgotten how "mouthy" labs can be - they like having their mouths busy, but at the same time she leaves off limits things alone, like shoes, toys, etc. we're sure loving having her around!

her and tigger have a great time playing, but as tigger has been the only dog for such a long time, he's not quite sure how to take it all in. he doesn't get too jealous, but he sure doesn't like getting french kisses!!

the two of them are very similar in size, which is also a great thing! not too big, and not too small - just right for us.

in other news - dh has been doing great with his weight loss challenge at work. i've been trying very hard to cook healthy meals, and he's been working on his portion control. he's lost 5 pounds or so so far, and i'm right behind him, i've also gone down about 5 pounds. we've cut back on our pop consumption, as well as the snacking after dinner. go honey go!

my sister went in to the hospital earlier this evening, in the hopes that it was "time" for her little one to arrive. unfortunately she's gone back home, so no new little one yet! false alarm for the time being!

my neighbour across the alley is also due anytime. i went over the other afternoon to take some buddha belly pics for her before her little one comes along. they turned out quite well, and she's asked me to take some of her peanut when it gets here as well. she's hoping for a girl, and has even said that if its a boy it will go home nameless as they're quite baffled for a boy's name that they both like.

i'm looking forward to the long weekend, i do have to work on saturday for a bit, but will have the rest of the weekend off, which is nice. hoping to catch up with some of the S! ladies for a coffee on Saturday afternoon - its been a while! also on S! news, my may kit should be here tomorrow from the looks of things. the colors look like they will be fun to work with!

so sad that grey's anatomy is done for the year. it seemed like there was so few episodes this year. looking forward to the fall season premiere, it looks like there will be quite a few changes on the show! dh watches all the time now too, he's hooked as well. (tee hee!)

ok, and now if you've read this far, i have a little RAK to draw for if you post a comment here between now and monday night - a fun little 7gypsies rubber band book! i know i have some other fun things i can throw in as well!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

happy birthday mom!

well, a little bit early anyways, tomorrow is her big day! she's seriously thinking about retiring at the end of this year, and i think that would be a good change for her. she loves to travel, and i think she would pursue that more if she wasn't working full time anymore.

happy birthday mom!

so i worked yesterday on a reline (changing the order of products) of a cookie and cracker section at a co-op in the city. i met 2 of the summer students that kraft has working for them, and the 3 of us made a good team for the day. we finished up the entire aisle in about 6 hours, which is decent. take a look next time you are in a grocery store and see just how much stuff is in that area! the interesting/funny thing was the two of them did the cookies, and i got all the crackers moved, shelves moved, everything labelled and back in place in the time it took the 2 of them to get the cookies done. experience i suppose.

this is the main pic for a layout sitting on my desk that i really want to get done before i spill something on it. but just having problems with the flow of it. amazing photos of bailey when he was playing by himself the last day we were on holidays on the beach. he hadn't been in the water yet, so he was dry, but he was doing this totally cute little cha-ching dance. the light was amazing, his reflection showed up off the wet sand as well. so i have 7 pics, 6 are small, like 1 1/2 by 3 inches and the big one is 5x7. i have the title on it, hand drawn and some chippie letters. i just have the urge to do this one justice as i love the photos so much.

where oh where did my mojo get off to??

the title of my layout is solitary moments. i loved being on the beach that early in the morning - not a soul around, and beautiful golden light.

working tomorrow too, not too full of a day, 2 stops are the same thing i did today - putting together these ridiculously heavy metal racks for a crystal light display. i told the rep today that it was a boy's job, not a girl's job. he helped me get one together, but took off and i was left holding the bag, er, metal, by myself. heavy crap. had to recruit someone to help me get them on the sales floor, and then the floor manager had a stupid moment with his pallet jack when we were putting them in place, and managed to tip 1/2 a skid of water bottles onto the floor. nothing broke, but what a PITA to put them all back up again.

so tomorrow i have 2 more to put together, and my usual stop at the chestermere safeway to do their usual rearranging for the week.

tomorrow night my gf and her dh are coming over for a few drinks, looking forward to that. our dh's haven't met, but they'll be fine i'm sure. guys are just like that.

saturday is a bit of work again, and then off to my sister's for a bbq and early mother's day celebration. sunday is a work around the house kind of day. will probably do some plant hunting on our travels on saturday, and i really need to finish tidying up my front flower beds. my knees have been just aching this last week, so bending down isn't making them very happy at all.

on a bit of a fitness note: i don't exercise. i figure with all the lifting, walking, carrying i do in a day, i don't need much more. but, dh is on a weight-loss challenge with the people at work, so we've been trying to walk every night. tonight was about a 3km walk, which isn't too bad, and only took us about 30 minutes. the bonus is that the kids are going out with us too, along with our crazy dog (thanks shell!) so we're spending time out of the house for a bit. tonight was walk #3 of the week, we probably won't go tomorrow, but we will saturday and sunday. so 5 times isn't so bad for just getting on it and doing it. we're also trying to eat a bit better (i'm a good cook if i do say so myself) so i'm working on lower cal meals and such. tough, but at the same time easier as we're not looking for such big/hot meals as we do in the winter. tonight was grilled pork chops, grilled veggies and rice. and it was great :) .

so i think that's it for today - wow - long winded! have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

spring is in the air

here's the stuff we've gotten accomplished so far this year:

Monday, May 07, 2007



what the heck did you do to your blog??? wanting to check in to see what you're up to and i'm told i'm not allowed. hello?? looking for you girl!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


ever lost something that you know you saw just a minute ago? or a day ago? you know exactly where you put it, left it, whatever, wherever.

i've just done that.

and its not that its a huge deal, its just that it was where i left it just yesterday. and now its not there. its not something expensive, or even important to anyone but me. but nonetheless, its not where i *know* it was yesterday.

i know i'm disorganized. i can use something on my desk, and can't find it not even 2 seconds after i put it down. and then find it an hour later after frantically looking for it and its right there in front of me where i put it down in the first place. sometimes i think i'm really going nuts.

usually its not a big deal, i eventually find where i've left something. i'm not the type of person who throws things away haphazardly, you can tell by the inside of my van looks. and my desk.

example: i found a bank statement in my van today from 2 years ago. is it pertinant now? no. but it could have been 2 years ago, when i stashed it away in my "organizer" between the seats. so its pitched now, into the recycle bin.

so why would i find that bank statement today? because i was hunting for what i was missing. and that missing item i left paperclipped to another bit on my seat (aka my vehicular office). and i need it. and now its not there.

my van is slightly tidier for all of that. i threw out all the misc papers and junk, all the empty water bottles are in the bin to go to the bottle depot, found a couple of lipsticks under the seat that i've been looking for, put my winter coat and scarf into the closet in the house where they belong, ditched my stepstool that i use for work sometimes in the back (since its been lounging on my backseat for the last month or so), but still didn't find the itty bitty laminated card i'm looking for. i'm thinking maybe its stuck between the seat and the back (that thought just occurred to me as i'm typing this).

i never quite know how my van gets to be in the state its in. but i suppose because most weeks i'm in it for up to 5 hours, depending on my drive for the day, things just accumulate. like travel mugs. why don't i bring them in that day? most likely because i'm schlepping other junk in the house and don't have enough hands. garbage? it seems like when i have garbage to throw out, there isn't a bin handy. and alot of the stuff that ends up in my van can be recycled. like the 2 inches of training manuals i threw out today from like 4 years ago. again, something that really shouldn't have been in there in the first place, but i hadn't taken out before hand.

so anyways, i now have something important missing in action. i've only had it for just over a week, so it hasn't been used (although i should have already).

what is this tidbit?

my medical insurance card. and i need it to change our prescriptions over.


maybe its between the seat. one can only hope!