Tuesday, July 24, 2007

lost in the shuffle

it's been a busy week. what can i say?

finally feeling like i'm settling into the unscheduledness of summer - the way things should be.

i'm back to working 4 days a week, but i did take the past saturday off to have a full weekend with dh and the kids. saturday we did some errands, had a swim in the pool, and just generally enjoyed the day. sunday we went out golfing with a friend, and had a great time at Akokiniskway in Rosebud. its not a far drive for us, only about 40 minutes, and a great little course to play. it was challenging enough for our friend, who golfs a good deal more than we do, but easy enough that we had a great game as well.

this little deer greeted us at the 8th fairway, and was kind enough to pose for a picture on the way by. just past the bush is the river that runs through the course, and she headed down that way after we passed by.

this was by far one of the more picturesque golf courses we've played on. well manicured, but also lots of trees and scenery to keep thing interesting.

this is dh and our neighbour friend that we head out to the course with. he's a riot to play a round with - always so complimentary, even on the bad shots! one of the "rules of the course" that we have seen posted elsewhere is to always be complimentary of your fellow players. encouragement is always a good thing. and, interestingly enough, i managed to tie with dh for the day! i did far better the second time around (it is only a 9-hole) but i was very pleased with myself!

by far, one of my favorite scenes from the day. after finishing the rather challenging uphill 8th hole, we had to cross the railroad tracks to head over to the 9th tee. its so quiet and peaceful out there, and not a busy course. we didn't have to rush, nor did we feel like we were playing too slow either. we're planning to take the kids out for a round there as well one afternoon, its reasonable to take them with us, and a good course to have fun at.

and, as you can see, both of these guys are finding that golf can be fun. we took them out to the driving range the sunday before last, and they had a good time taking a whack at some balls as well!

we're working on getting these guys to use "proper form", something ds #1 is having a bit of a hard time with. he's a bit of a stiff kid as it is, so getting him to loosen up while taking a poke at the ball is a bit of a challenge.

and just a little bit of a funny face to end it all! i packed up the boys and a pal, and we went to riley park in the city last wednesday for a chillin' kind of day. the weather wasn't as co-operative as we would have liked, it was cloudy, but was still warm enough for the guys to splash around in the pool there for a bit.

gotta put a shout out for Vicki and the amazing RAK she sent me that arrived last week. a wonderful box of goodies, including a page kit of one of her designs, rub ons, ribbon, chipboard and other lovely things! now to just get some scrapbooking done. i had great intentions of doing something tonight - anything really, and i haven't done anything at all.

have a great week everyone!


Rosalie (a.k.a altabrat) said...

great pics Julie!!!

Meredith said...

That sounds and looks like a lot of fun - what summers should be like!