Friday, June 29, 2007

happy summer holidays!

well, today is the first official day for the boy's summer holidays. and i'm off to work, so just a quick post...

have been running 6 ways from sunday this week, and looking forward to having 2 days off in a row. i have a busy day ahead today as well - a stop in chestermere, then an interview, then 3 more calls and stop and pick up the patio set i found the other day. then home. hopefully it won't be too long a day.

the boys have their day planned out as well. its supposed to be a hot one today, so they'll head off to the pool this afternoon after lounging the morning away. funny how getting b up for school in the morning is like pulling teeth, yet today, not having to go, he's up earlier than when i try to get him up for school. LOL

have a happy friday!

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MonaS! said...

Have a wonderful Canada Day weekend, Julie!