Tuesday, July 10, 2007

sometimes i wonder

if its just me.

so i went for that interview yesterday afternoon, and they have changed their minds on what they are planning on doing. so i interviewed for a totally different job, and i don't want it. i turned it down the last time as well when i was offered it.


kind of ticks me off too - why would they ask/advertise to interview for a position, and then change what the plan is? doesn't make any sense to me. they have a person from another province now doing what i was supposed to be interviewing for. as she already has this job function, they added it to her list, and in 2-3 months another person will then have the opportunity to "move up" into that function here. that's the catch i guess, take a job you may not want in the hopes that you can move up. and with no guarantees, i wouldn't want to move. same shit, different shoe.


on another note -

my parents get home tomorrow, and for my guys its not a minute too soon. they have really had a tough time with grandma, she's seriously losing it. i really hope that when i get old, i don't do what she is doing to our family. between my parents and i, we thought that she would do well with the kids. she has always been great with them, and they were looking forward to the time they were spending with her. not so much now. she's really laid it on thick this last week - all kinds of guilt trips, and just being plain not nice.

take for instance this: the sewer was backing up. not hugely, but enough that there was gunk coming up the outlet in the laundry room, and in the one bathroom (shower and tub) downstairs. so i talked to my dad, and he said, yes, please! call the city! get them to come out and fix it! (hello!?? there is gross stuff coming up!!)

what does my grandma do? FREAKS OUT. why? because someone was coming to fix it!!

like come on lady. poop in the house is a good thing? seriously. gross.

and all it took was 5 minutes, and it was fixed. man.

i sure don't envy my mom. it all seems to be getting worse and worse. told my kids they have permission to put me in a home if i ever get like that.

i think next time my parents go away, they need to hire a grandma sitter.

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MonaS! said...

Sorry to hear that things are tough with your gramma. Its so hard to see them like this as they get older. YUCKO about the sewer. Too bad about the jobs too! Hope something fabulous comes your way my friend!