Tuesday, July 17, 2007

you win some

and you lose some.

started my day out well this morning - got up and organized early as it was my housekeeper day (LOVE that lady!!). before it got well and hot in the house, i set out to get mini banana loaves in the oven, and then finish up the machine stitching part of the 4th cover for our outdoor benches.

and that's where the losing some started!

i measured (vaguely) and cut (vaguely) the fabric so i could make the cushion cover and get it stitched up in a timely manner. (why vaguely?? because i can't sew a straight seam to save my life, but i can get the job done LOL)

then i lifted up the cushion off the kitchen table...

and WHAM!

hit the light above the table and the blown glass cover came smashing down onto the table (my neighbour across the alley even heard it - she told me this evening!)

so, glass everywhere across the kitchen.

so i swept, jonah vacuumed, and then a couple hours later after another vacuum by my housekeeper, she was still finding bits of glass when she washed the floor.

now the search for a new light. or maybe not. we are going to be renovating the kitchen/living area next spring, and i can live with it for the moment. so it could wait for now.

so, from there i still did end up having a good day. finished up my ATC cards for the S! swap, they're quite cute, but not what i had started with in the first place. will scan and post a pic tomorrow.

also, got the bottles taken back to the depot. $30 is not a bad bit for a 20 minute trip.

then out to the country to a friend's for a coffee and to pick up her son to hang out with bailey tonight for a sleepover and tomorrow we're off to riley park in the city for a fun day. its a bit more of a little kid's place, but nice nonetheless. lots of big trees, and water. can't ask for more!

our yard has really come together in the last couple weeks. will make an effort to take pics tomorrow and get them posted. there's still a few more things to get done, a few of them will be worked on this weekend, but won't be too much of a difference overall compared to what we started with the beginning of this summer.

and yes, i did get the cushions finished today. and they're awesome if i do say so myself :)

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