Thursday, August 16, 2007

and we're off!!

heading out tomorrow morning to nanaimo for just over a week. will return next sunday hopefully refreshed and rejuvinated from the vacation - needed for us all! hoping to maybe catch up with jennifer from scraptivity - hopefully we can co-ordinate!

the kids head back to school only a couple days after we get back. they're both looking forward to it - ok, who am i kidding? ds 1 is - he's the big geek. ds 2 - not so much. he'd rather be buried in his computer games and archie comics.

and me? looking forward to the routine of school days again. and maybe i'll find a little bit of productivity scrapbooking again. didn't get anything done over the summer. but i did take pictures!

have a good week - updates and pics when we get back!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

picture post

and this is all there is - just pictures. a little bit of playing around in photoshop, some digi brushes, and i'm quite happy with the result of my just messing around on sunday morning.

the first series:

my neighbour's baby boy - at 1 week old. he's just too cute.

the next couple are pics that just touch my heart. my oldest son with my niece. she was born about 2 weeks before my neighbour's little guy - they couldn't be more different - she's just a little wee thing, with the sweetest little face. he's a bruiser - almost 4 pounds heavier than her already!

and after all we go through with my grandma, you know that she just loves to cuddle the little ones.

and a couple of goodies of one of my other friend's son and girlfriend. they are just too cute together! i caught them candidly when my friend said very quietly "i really need some pictures of them". still need to fiddle with these ones a bit, but i'm still happy with how they turned out.


is on its way!! we're finally in for some rain - yippee!! we desperately need it, everything is so dry out here. we're still supposed to hit 27C today, but some showers through the day.

working quite a bit this week again. covering a sales route. good stuff :)

dropping the boys to my mom this morning for a visit, will pick them up on friday.

a quick round of golf is booked for after work today too.

have a good one!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

august long...

sunday morning, halfway through the long weekend. sunflowers blooming outside my window. sun shining. whinnies of horses just a stone's throw away. the promise of a lazy day is here. its been a busy weekend so far - friday night had the neighbours over for dinner and a movie. lots of laughs, a great time! saturday morning dh went to work and the kids and i slept in, very much needed for me. we then headed off to walmart for a wander and a couple purchases, then met dh at the rodeo grounds for a wander. after that, it was home, i crashed out for a nap, then went down to a friend's campsite for dinner and drinks. this morning its quiet. and i'm liking that. we're supposed to be going for yet another bbq/dinner at a friend's later today, but haven't heard from them yet. will have to call here shortly and find out what's up. tomorrow morning we're off to rosebud for a round of golf with the kids. it's their first time out golfing "for real" so it should be an entertaining time.

enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

there is a silver lining

in that storm cloud that sometimes hangs over me.

a few weeks ago i posted about that jerk that harassed me at one of the stores i work in. well, it seems that he has now given the store a written warning, and he has also gone after the company i work for and kraft as well. so, to make a long story short, effective immediately, none of us merchandisers are allowed to go into those particular stores any more to do our work. i'm thinking it will last all of a month before we're told to go back in.

why? the simple answer is because the service we provide is needed. the stores are going to be outraged that we will not be there to help them out. and what we do is a big PITA for them to complete - its a job that they don't want to do, so we do it.

so what is the silver lining? i'll be having more saturdays off for the rest of the summer. makes me happy :)

in the meantime, this week and next week, i'm covering sales routes for a couple of different reps. this is the part of my job that i love. i get to use my brain, and do something i really really enjoy. the crazy part is that it wears me out more than the physical stuff i usually do. i was ready for bed at 8:00 last night. but its a good tired.

and with that, i better get my butt in gear and out the door - i have a busy day today!

have a good one!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

and this is what it looks like...

when you get your butt in gear and get your yardwork done!

we've made alot of changes to the yard this year, namely adding the lower deck right at the back of the house, as well as adding in the gravel to make the maintenance even less. (if only we could get the dogs potty trained, it would be simple!!) things that are still to be done: flowerbeds that match up the railing along the lower deck, and putting up the cedar to close in the bottom of the upper deck (no pics of that simply because it just doesn't look very nice with the clutter underneath at the moment!) i'm also wanting raised flower beds in front of the upper deck, along where the cedar is being put in to finish it off. that won't be until next year i'm guessing. just the amount of work we've done this year has improved things hugely! makes me happy!

oh, yes, and between the gazebo and the jurassic park plants, is the mini-pond. it's flourishing this year, doing very well aside from my crazy algae problem i'm having (because of no fish, too much heat, and too much sun), my lilies are doing awesome, as well as the rest of the miscellaneous plants that are in there.

thanks for taking a peek!