Saturday, July 14, 2007

now, i wouldn't want to argue with a "pretty lady"

oh yes, these words were spoken to me this afternoon while i was at work.

by a lovely gentleman who attacked me for doing my job.

and then pulled out his little book and showed me the "rules" that he enforces.

and then proceeded to berate the store staff for "allowing" me to do my job.

after a rather heated discussion with the store staff and myself, escorted me out of the store to ensure that i was, indeed, leaving the premesis.

i'm sure he got the shock of his life when i got into my mercedes and drove away. you can stick your smarmy butt into your datsun from 1970. "pretty lady" indeed!


i'm getting a letter together to forward to his boss. about his sexist attitude and completely rude and out of line harassing behaviour.

stuff that one in your rule book buddy!

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Rosalie (a.k.a altabrat) said...

Oh my!!! sounds like you have one interesting job Julie. Kudos to you for having to put up with nasties like that. I sure couldn't do it, LOL