Wednesday, March 28, 2007

just a little tired

what a crazy day today. started out with dh giving me a little poke, and then a whispered "honey, i'm sorry, the alarm didn't go off!!" and me jumping out of bed. the god-awful time?? 5:55am. i am NOT a morning person. blech.

out the door at 6am, (no, i did not shower, i was going to the pool anyways this morning) and off to work. the reason for the nasty time? there were Kraft VP's in town this week i guess, so off i went to tidy up a store in anticipation of their visit today.

after that, was off to the pool for my niece and nephew's last swim lesson of this session. had a grand time in the pool!

then, off to another nearby store to do some more display tidy up and filling.

then the mad dash home - went for my last tanning minutes (aka - SNOOZE!) and nails done before holidays on saturday.

then wait!! had to go back to the city again for another couple hours of work.

my grand mileage total for the day? 300 km. crazy. one of my sister's friends asked me this morning if i minded driving so much. i suppose if i did, i wouldn't be doing the job i do. i do get mileage, so it is a bonus.

so now we're into the home stretch for holidays - 54 hours till we head to the airport for some r&r. still feel like i have alot on my plate though. and not completely packed. i'll get there, even if it means not getting to bed on friday night. it'll be more like a nap if anything else.

i did find something way cool today to take with me:

now how fun is this?? i thought it was too cute! will be taking it with me down south - and the best part is that a straw fits in the hole in the top - and its leakproof when the lid is snapped shut.

gotta love it.

(and if you need one for yourself - its from starbucks. for twelve bucks. but it made my day!)

Monday, March 26, 2007

busy week ahead!

only 5 more sleeps until we head off on our holiday! man has time flown by. and i'm sure this week will be no exception.

workwise - i really could use a clone this week. not that i worked today, or will work tomorrow, but i got 3 phone calls today that rounded out wednesday, and i already have friday more or less filled (the kids are off school that day, so wasn't wanting a full day anyways). and i still have thursday free as well. wednesday i could probably have filled 10 hours with what everyone is wanting, but i have other stuff on the go that day as well. as it is, will be heading into the city at 6am so that i can still make swim lessons with my sister at 9:45. after that, i have a stop to work in the same area for hopefully only an hour or so. then heading back home for 2 appts, one at 1:30 and the other at 2. funny how nobody can really plan ahead!!

very cool - sue has her site open at what a fabulous job she and her team have done! lots of familiar faces over there... i wish her luck!

quiet day for me at home. got the kitchen tidied up, put in 4 loads of laundry, went to wal-mart (twice) cooked dinner, read blogs, downloaded pics from my camera... speaking of, will show a couple of funnies here:

this is my mom - during our pedicure outing on
saturday... what a hoot!! it seems like we all have
issues of some sort with our toes - mom's got
some sort of weird thing happening - this was
when her lovely gal was fixing it. my mom had
the most priceless look on her face!!

and there's my grandma at the far end - she too
enjoyed being pampered! my poor mom- she
was wondering what she had gotten herself into this time!

and me just enjoying - it was so nice to have some pampering!! my toes are a beautiful bright pink. definitely right for a south bound holiday!

and one of my sister - check out the baby bump!
can't wait for another little one to snuggle!

we had a lovely time there - the chairs we were in were those massaging type ones, gotta love it!

there's a call for a snow storm tonight - although we aren't supposed to get it, the city is forcasted to get up to 15 cm of snow. crazy crazy weather!

and on a "prep" note for holidays, i actually put stuff into my suitcase today. not done yet, but it sure doesn't seem like much. i'm thinking its because it's still not exactly warm enough here, i'm not used to the warm weather clothing. i do want to have room for a pillow though, as the hotel reviews are consistantly saying that they suck. i got the boys in gear today too, b has pretty much everything packed other than underwear and pj's, j is in the same place too. so that's good. i always stress about not having enough stuff to wear. or the stuff i might want. but its all good. still searching for a lightweight pair of black pants. but if i don't find any, oh well.

hey, and thanks to mona and lacintha! ((((HUGS)))) ladies!! you made my day :) !

Sunday, March 25, 2007

gotta change things up

and now things are pink. hope i don't scare anyone away - not that there are all that many people that read my blog anyways. not that there's anything all that interesting. or regular.

what can i say? i just seem to forget to blog. its not something i think of doing regularly. reading blogs however, i do that regularly. like daily even. so why don't i blog more often? maybe because i don't feel like i have anything terribly interesting to say. and then i feel like i'm just rambling. about nonsense.

anyone else feel that way?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

you know its march...

when you get it all in one day. the weather i mean!

spring in alberta can be a challenge at the best of times. ok, who am i kidding? its a challenge year round!

so i get up this morning, and its rather blah, grey, cloudy, and only 0C out. head out to work a few hours later, and i couldn't see much of anything on the highway. why?? oh, only a blizzard of sorts, lots of lovely fluffy flakes. by the time i arrived at my destination 45 minutes later, the wind had died down, and the roads were basically wet and sloppy. the sun was trying to peek through.

when i left a couple hours after that, the sun was shining brightly, the snow/wet was gone, and it was quite beautiful out.

fast forward to 4pm. looked outside at my pathetic dog. standing in the HAIL that was coming down!! not big summer hail, but small pellets. opened the door to let him in, and it was thundering out! what the heck? its march for goodness sake!

and now, 3 hours later, its again sunny, albeit cool.

welcome to spring in alberta!

Monday, March 19, 2007

it's monday...

... and i have the day off!

i can't quite believe its been more than a month since i've last blogged. busy, i suppose!

just finished up with working the sales route i was covering last thursday, it was 7-ish weeks that i covered for the new gal. worked with her tues, wed, and thurs. i really like her, and glad to have met her. from the sounds of things i may be covering her route again for 6 weeks starting the end of april as she will be going in for surgery.

and the countdown is on for holidays! we're leaving in 12 days for puerto vallarta with my entire family! eleven of us - should be good times! with the preparation comes a flurry of shopping. i'm so glad that stores do have things like shorts and bathing suits out, even though the weather is not exactly spring-like. dh and i purchased new suitcases on the weekend. we have some, but not enough for all 4 of us. totally loving mine - it looks like this:

yes, its pink. what can i say? totally fell in love with it when i saw it. and it was on sale for $80. dh got a grey and orange one. the thing i was most surprised about is that it has a 15 year warranty! crazy.

well, if i'm going to make my 10am appointment i better get a move on. shower and all that! hope you're having a great monday!