Wednesday, July 25, 2007

dragonfly bliss

this little guy was hanging out on my daylilies last night when i was moving the sprinkler around. i don't think i've seen as many dragonflies ever as i have this year. we have ones that are big enough to cart off with a small child, down to little ones like this. and the colors are spectacular too. blue, yellow, red, and all of them having a grand time catching the bugs that bug us! if we sit still long enough, and it doesn't take long with how many are hanging around, they will land on our toes or our fingers so we can get an up close and personal moment with them. i think that having the pond in our backyard, as small as it is, is a great lure for them. they are buzzing about constantly, dipping down to take a drink, and enjoy the cool that the micro-climate of the pond provides.

today: gotta make phone calls. to the vet, the dentist, hopefully receive a phone call about an interview, make a phone call about the offer i'm not taking, call the kennel to let them know about our additional doggie for holidays (we had booked before we got kikanue). need to take pictures of our alley - dh is going to town council about the issues that are going on. funny thing, its not our kids that we're worried about, its all the others on our block (and issues only because of one household that is causing big problems on our street). we're taking the kids to the driving range tonight, gotta get some practice going on! and i think that's about it. hopefully the sun will poke out today, its cloudy at the moment, but a welcome relief. rain last night :) and most of the night as well, its been far too long since we've had any.

have a wonderful day!

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