Sunday, June 10, 2007

is it over already?

it's sunday night, and it's been a wonderful weekend for us. (did ya miss me?? LOL)

dh's birthday was on friday, and they let him leave early as we went camping for the weekend.

we didn't go too far - just off to the mini-lake 12 minutes from home. it is a good place to go for us to just get away, so don't laugh too hard! i had to work for a bit on friday morning, and the kids had the day off, so i toted them along with me, then off to costco to stock up and then back home again. dh got home just before 2pm, and i wasn't too much ahead of him - only arrived back at home about 1:30. we were packed and out the door without too many left behind necessities, the kids and the dogs by 3:45.

we had a great spot this time, it was a spot we hadn't had before. it didn't have anyone behind us, there was only green space, and then the "lake" itself. very nice if i do say so myself. we didn't have to contend with too many people coasting through our space or ogling either. (the one thing i hate about most campgrounds!) our friends joanne and lyle joined us later that evening (they both had to work their regular hours) so we hung out and started a fire, only to get rained on (not to mention the crazy thunder and lightening show!!) but we did sit outside under the awning until about midnight.

saturday was a fairly lazy day, b and i made the quick trek home to pick up his forgotten inhaler, and i snuck in a quick shower. then back out, and i got to have a bit of a nap.
steak for dinner, marshmallow s'mores for dessert, and it was a beautiful night.

today we managed to get pack and home by 12:30, then unpacked and laundry started, then some puttering in the yard and cleaned up the kitchen to fix the whirlwind that had occured in there. my parents and grandmother came out for dinner tonight, dh got his birthday cake, and we had a great visit. dh did a great job of getting most of the laundry in today as well, so i'll get the rest of the job done tomorrow - there is one heck of alot of folding to be done!

something we did learn this weekend - kikanue does NOT like little dogs. she sure wanted joanne's doggie for dinner. and it was not a good scene. i felt absolutely mortified. something we just need to keep in mind for future reference!!

and some cool "town" stuff - a dollarama opened up here this last week. the kids and i popped in there on our way home on friday. awesome. and a REAL dollar store in that things really are $1 or less. not often that you find that anymore. the only annoying thing is that they only take cash. what the heck is that? oh well. maybe we'll just spend less that way then!

and we're getting a sobey's here as well. which is way cool in my opinion. we have an IGA already, but i'm sure they'll be closing with the sobey's opening. they haven't broken ground for it yet, but i'm sure it will be started soon. the thing i really find lacking here is a good deli counter. the IGA used to be decent when we first moved here, but seriously went downhill when extra foods opened. the sobey's in the city have amazing deli departments, and the bakery department can't be beat. we're not so small town anymore, but that's fine with me. don't get me wrong, i do love the small town bit, but sometimes it can be frustrating!

boy i'm yappy tonight. lots to say i guess!

changed up my music on here again tonight. this song is just awesome, and i didn't know who it was by. now i do. wow. i used to listen to country all the time when i was younger, but not so much anymore. i do love this song though. happy music for the ears!

i hope you all have had a great weekend as well, summer is just too darn short, and the more weekends like this one, the better!

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