Sunday, June 24, 2007

busy weekend...

well, its been a weekend. i worked most of the day yesterday, and came home after picking up some awesome steaks for dinner. unfortunately, the weather wasn't wanting to co-operate. so rene suggested we head back into the city for vietnamese for dinner. i drove through that storm on my way home, and saw some spectacular lightening on the way. there were even a few times that it hit the ground! thankfully it was a good distance away.

during the trip back in i had a little nap, and well needed. it had been a late night before, and getting up early, then a good busy day of hefting boxes around almost made that quick nap a necessity at that point!

while we were in the city, we noticed the sky was just black looking eastwards to home. it was quite the storm going on, but we weren't too concerned. arriving home, there was hail everywhere! a few of my perennials in the back by the pond have taken a beating, but all in all, not as much damage as there could have been.

i got a good sleep in this morning, and after messing around on the computer for a bit, i got the carpets cleaned in the living room and hallway. amazing what comes out of that carpet. just gross!!

from there i had a shower, then cut both the boys hair, got most of a layout done, a thank you card done, tidied up the kitchen, got dinner organized and had a quick trip over to walmart just to get out of the house for a bit.

jonah's managed to find himself a couple of lawn-cutting jobs for the summer, so he did one this afternoon, and he'll have a few more to do by the end of the week. he's quite excited about the prospect of earning some decent money this summer. awesome for an 11 year old! he's already planning on saving for a new bike, as well as having spending money for holidays in august.

tonight another crazy storm just missed us. on the weather website, it was reporting nickle sized hail and severe thunder and lightening. it was interesting looking out the front side of the house and seeing blue sky and sunshine, and looking out the back at a threatening sky and hearing the thunder booming. bizarre weather!

some new music tonight - bare naked ladies. easy. that's what i'm looking forward to for the summer. a little bit of easy. enjoy!

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