Thursday, June 14, 2007

that didn't last long!

the chair that is!

it was gone when i went in to work today. odd. maybe someone remembered they left it by the roadside! LOL

some interesting tidbits from my day:

had a phone interview with a company (yes, i'm out kicking tires at the moment - just feeling restless and un-challenged) for a supervisory position for alberta. would be looking after about 20 merchandisers province-wide, something i would be good at, given the amount of merchandising experience i have and the variety of products i've worked with.

then, about 6pm, got a phone call for another job with some company (who? i have no idea!! didn't catch it when he called) for another merchandising position with them. who knows. i guess i applied with them last year sometime, so it could be anybody. anyways, i should be hearing from the regional co-ordinator in the next day or two to set up a face to face interview with him. the fellow i spoke with said that he was calling me back (apparently again?) after reviewing my resume now that they are actively looking to fill a position right now.

hmmmm... looking like i have a few options again. who knows. or maybe i'll stay where i'm at. it all depends on what is offered to me and where i can go with it all.

went to get the boy's SIN numbers today. now that is an exercise in patience. i got there about 3:30, and there was a large amount of people sitting there waiting. and waiting. and waiting. in the first 45 minutes i was waiting, not one single person, count them ZERO, were called in to talk to one of the people. i tell ya, i need a government job. maybe they were all on coffee. (sorry to any of my civil servent friends!!) but what a mess. and then there was the guy next to me, giving off one of those hmph/sigh noises every minute or so. like come on. i could pick my nose if you'd like and you could watch. maybe that would give you enough interesting things to look at instead of those crazy noises that the rest of us could also make. maybe like some weird demented sigh band or something.


raining again today, and it's not looking good for the weekend either. esp for dh - he was planning on getting our decks/porch stained this weekend. its long overdue, and he even ordered the stain for it. talk about being ahead of the game. but it'll be nice on monday. maybe that will become my project if i'm home.

well, that's it for today. dh is running behind as he needed to get the stereo replaced in his car - its crapped out on him. works once in a while. good thing it's on warranty still. the good thing about it being 7pm and not having dinner yet? he's bringing home vietnamese for dinner. yum.
and then we'll be watching pirate master. good show.



MonaS! said...

Hopefully your weather gets better out your way! Sending you some sunny thoughts your way. Good luck with the interviews - hope something fabulous comes your way. Hope you have a great weekend! LOVE YA!

Rosalie (a.k.a altabrat) said...

Good luck with the interviews, hope something GOOD comes your way. Have a great weekend!