Friday, June 22, 2007

friday friday friday

crazy busy day today. and tomorrow's about the same.

but i'm home now, and its gorgeous outside for the b-man's tent-out tonight.

he's pumped.

i'm not.

let's just say that some freakin' asshole opened my gate. i think its the neighbour's kids - they have nothing better to do with their time than piss me off. then they usually call and complain our dog is out. thanks a lot.

the same ones who figure they can park 10 cars out front of their house daily and not leave anywhere for anyone else to park. today i just about went over there to give them my 2 cents worth. but then the gate was open and i left it at that - had to go see if i could find the dog (and i can't) don't know where the heck he's gone.

the same ones that figure weeds that are 6 feet tall in the front yard is acceptable landscaping.

the same ones that never mowed their lawn (till this year)

the same ones that have a field of dandelions out front as well.

people are pissing me off today!

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