Friday, June 15, 2007

fabulous friday!

happy friday to all my friends :)

had a busy/productive day at work today. worked with a couple of the summer student to get an entire cracker section moved at one of the Co-op's today. the impressive thing was that it took us a whopping 4 hours to get it all done. the rep was quite surprised, she figured it would take us the majority of the day. woot!

then i headed off to a couple other stores to get a few odds and ends done, and now home. and a decent time for a busy friday at that.

dinner tonight is an easy one - big ass homemade subs. looking forward to that!

hoping to get in a walk tonight, it looks like it could rain, if it felt like it (LOL) not like its unusual for june - it seems to be the rainiest month here. but the grass and flower beds are looking awesome! our backyard grass is somewhat trashed - with having two big-ish dogs running laps back there it's not as happy as it could be. can't wait until we get our pathways in.

happy friday!

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