Monday, May 21, 2007


well, its been a rainy day here, so we spent most of it inside. kinda boring for a long weekend monday, but what can you do?

we watched deja vu - the movie - this afternoon. it was really really good! has us sitting on the edge of our seats, only because it made you think of what was going to happen next! if you haven't seen it, i would recommend it!

there has been a break in the rain tonight, and the sidewalks were dry, so after dinner, and watching ramsay's kitchen nightmares (what a hoot that show is!) dh and i took the dog out for a quick walk. they haven't done too well with being cooped up inside the last couple of days. its just too wet for them to be let loose for too long in the yard, they end up coming in with rather wet feet, and i hate washing floors!

so on to the winners: (yes, winners! i'm feeling generous today!)

congrats to Bonnie (in scotland) and twistedsoda!

please email me your mailing addresses to jzankl at telus dot net

congrats ladies! Bonnie, you'll be getting the 7gypsies book and some other little goodies i dig up, and twistedsoda, you'll be getting some fun stuff i have hidden in my stash!


Anonymous said...

I'll have to check out that movie. Congrats to Bonnie & Twisted Soda! How cool! And thanks for reminding me that I really need to take my dog for a walk. I've really been slacking on that!

Bonnie said...

How Cool!!! Thanks so much can't wait to get my goodies.