Wednesday, May 30, 2007

wednesday = hump day

no, not *that* kind of hump...

LOL just the usual midweek kind of hurdle, the final fling towards the weekend!

last night i made an awesome shrimp with peanut sauced pasta

and boy was it good! check out all the awesome ingredients in

cilantro, homemade peanut sauce, shrimp, rice noodles, snap peas, asparagus, and some lime for on top. wow. good eats!

interesting enough, rene quite liked it too, even though he has a strong aversion to peanut butter. it was just never something that he ate as a kid. same thing as tuna. in germany, it is basically the last thing you would eat, as it is rated as cat food.

we went out for an extra long walk last night with those crazy dogs of ours. we were out quite a bit longer than usual, probably walked about double what we normally do, as we hadn't gone in a couple days as the wind makes both dh and i somewhat miserable. kikanue had a bit of a rough walk, she was barking at anything that moved.

heading off to work today, hopefully in not too long a time, i have to put a call in to see if the order has arrived yet, as it is on the other side of the city. mind you, by the time i get there, i'm sure it will be!!

jonah's theatre production is opening tomorrow night. it's called "Strathmore Theatre Players Spring Variety Show" and runs only tomorrow and friday evening. he's pretty pumped about the whole thing! i'm thinking about attending the dress rehersal tonight to take some pics of the star!!

and here's a couple of pics from the other day:

i tell ya, we have some crazy dogs - they love to wrestle!

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