Monday, May 28, 2007

it smells sooooooooo good!

have had a nice monday :)

spent the morning with my sister and 2 nieces and nephew. got to cuddle the little peanut while mommy went in to meet with the surgeon for my nephew's hernia's that he will be getting fixed sometime in the next couple of months. poor little guy!

went to the mall after the hospital, and had lunch and a quick wander before heading home.

and what is that smell??

i've got a roast in the oven cooking with a marinade/sauce for vietnamese subs - or also known as bahn bo. yum. one of our favorite things to eat. and super duper easy. we like them with chicken as well. the bread you get at the sub shops is different than what you can find at the store, but using baguettes is close enough. the difference is that the vietnamese bread is light and crispy on the outside and very soft and melt in your mouth on the inside. baguettes tend to be a chewier outside crust and doughier on the inside. but its all good either way.

tomorrow will be an at home day for me. hope to get a layout done, i started it late last week, and haven't sat down at my desk much over the weekend. wanting to submit it for a DT call, its not a paper store, but something else. am i being cagey? oh yes, but will post it after their call is up. i would really like to get into something but have had a hard time of it so far. it'll happen, i know, just working on it can be the hard part.

here's another pic of b i haven't posted yet from our holidays. love it! we were going to the chinese dinner place that night - he looks so cute!

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