Sunday, May 27, 2007

sunday night and a week's recap

wow, can't believe its been a week since i've posted anything. it was a crazy hectic week around here for me. not that i get super busy, but things just start to pile up and then its the weekend, which are also never dull for us!

i was covering the sales route that i had been on so many times before, and in some ways, just as uneventful as usual. in other, more eventful than i would have liked. and not in a good eventful way.

it started out with me going in to one of the stores the friday before last. as it was a long weekend, they would rather me work and get calls done on the friday rather than having to pay me extra for working on the holiday. and that's fine with me. i would rather that too, as then i get 2 days off instead of only 1 (as i work most saturdays).

so off i go into one of my not so favorite stores to service, and the general manager says to me "make sure you stay away from D today - he's NOT in a good mood. just let me know what's up when you head out." ok, no problem. this store manager, B, is awesome. he knows that i know what i'm doing, and trusts me as well as will back me up no matter what.

so D, of the jerks that works in that particular store, starts in on me as soon as he spots me. "what the hell are you doing here? oh no, no WAY you're writing an order today." and so on, just the usual kind of crap he pulls even on a regular order day.

i smiled pleasantly, and let him know i was writing the order, when he snarls at me "you make sure that you talk to me before you leave!" now, me, not being the stupid person that he thinks i am, i went about my way, and had the store manager paged to let him know what i had put in for an order before i left. and he was perfectly fine with my what i had put in. if i had talked to D, he would have cut it back by at least half, and given that he had already cut back their weekend order with the other rep, they would have been out of stock on a pile of items.

so fast forward to thursday... my week had been going well, and i knew even before going in, that they would again be jerks like they always have been. so i see the store manager first and he gives me a head up that, yes, indeed, those two jerks were on the warpath.

so J, one of the other ASSistant managers, hauls me off to the back room to berate me for ordering, when not a single full case of anything was back there. of the 85 pieces i had ordered, there were about 10-ish cases total product that were left over. like give me a flipping break. by the next day, all of that could go out on the shelf. hello, you ARE a grocery store. you sell food. people come there to buy food. strange concept, that.

so spoke to the regional sales manager later that afternoon and told him what was going on. interestingly enough, i have been the only one to finally relay this back to him. we all want to think that its all part of the job, but now, he has labled it as abusive, unexcusable behaviour. for the real sales rep, this all may be a relief in the end for her, she's been told off, been rude to, and had more than her share of headaches there too. and for the last rep, she had one heck of a time as well. and for the other lady that has been sharing this particular coverage for the last while as well. the rsm is wanting to nail those two jerks to the wall. especially as they just don't want to co-operate.

the person in all of this that i feel the worst for is the store manager. if those two a-holes treat him like they treat us, wow. makes you really want to plow the hr people in the union office for that.

ok, enough negativity.

we had a busy weekend. i worked for a bit on saturday, came home, and chilled out on the deck after digging up some of my multitudinous iris' for one of my neighbours to put in her yard. then i had a snooze. on the deck. how awesome is that?! we had a fantastic dinner of bbq'd beef ribs, salad, corn on the cob, and beans. yum. sat out on the deck playing cards till after 10pm. gotta love it!

today i got a sleep in until 9am. then after a bit of reading on the computer, did some house tidy-ing (it was a mess - not to mention the sticky kitchen floors!) washed the kitchen floor, washed up a few dishes, gave the boy's bathroom a wipe, ran the vacuum around for a bit, and then sat on the deck to wait for the other relief rep to pick up the computer. had a visit with her, then spent the rest of the afternoon outside. the people across the street had rented an aerator for the weekend, so we paid them $25 to use it to get our front lawn done and our neighbour's as well. jonah mowed the front lawns first, then after rene was finished up with that crazy aerator, jonah ran around both yards with grass seed and fertilizer to perk things up. i finished digging up the iris' on the side of the house, and sent a few more across the street, moved some of them around in the side yard, put some in our backyard flowerbed that rene filled with dirt yesterday, and the last of them went to the people across the back alley. yes, there were alot! so happy to have that little job done and be able to spread the love around!

had a leftover's dinner of some soup that i made on our snowy day on thursday, (that kills me! snow and not too warm on thursday to tank top weather on sunday!!) then headed out to get some groceries with the b-man.

its been a productive weekend!

tomorrow i'm off to meet up with my sister in the morning, she has a specialist's appt with my nephew, so i'll look after my nieces while she's doing that. maybe i can get some photos taken of the new little one!

and if you've gotten this far... here's a funny for ya - that goofy tigger dog actually hung around long enough for me to take his picture - he's terrified of my camera!!

have a great week!


Rosalie (a.k.a altabrat) said...

Don't you love those moments when you wonder why we do our jobs sometimes. Nasty!

Awesome pic of Tigger, wish I could get my dog to stay like that!

twistedsoda said...

I love this dog!!! I want to reach in a give him a pat on the head!!!