Sunday, May 20, 2007

one more monkey

to jump on the bed!

my sister and the newest addition to their family - what a cute little chickie she's going to be!

i'm sure this was taken pretty much as soon as she was tidied up a bit after she was delivered!

mom's sure got a glow going on *wink*

and one proud daddy to go along with a house full of princesses now!

and one with auntie too, can't forget that!

the rest of the pics are of the new *big* brother and sister - and grandma, grandpa, and great-grandma too! everyone got to check her out!

allie making sure she's real!dad with all his kids!

congrats guys on your new little addition to your family - she is just a little doll!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family!!! I love big sister checking her out. How sweet is that!

MonaS! said...

What a wonderful family. And what a beautiful little girl! Sooo sweet.