Saturday, May 19, 2007

she's here!

my new niece is here, she arrived this morning about 10:45am, weighing in at 8lb 3 oz. her name is samantha kern - kern being my sister's and my maiden name. she is a little cutie pie!

and i could kick myself, forgot the camera when i popped in to take a quick peek at her and mom at 2-ish this afternoon. had it in the van with me, but forgot it as i was juggling a booster juice smoothie for my sister, as well as mine (my lunch) on my way up. oh well, mommy has taken a couple of pics that i will retrieve from her later!

after that i went to catch up with the S! girls - kim, connie and rhonda - after picking up my guys, then my two adorable twin niece and nephew (my mom wanted to go see the new little one too - she was doing babysitting duty!), had a very short but good visit. nice to see you ladies! gotta do it again when i may have time to actually breathe! LOL

we're hoping the weather clears up here tomorrow, it was a yuckky day, windy and just not nice. the good thing about dh being at home alone for the day is that he got all the weekend chores done! laundry, emptying the dishwasher, and just generally being domestic!
hoping for the better weather as the doggies aren't in a good frame of mind tonight - no walk because i can't handle the wind. and they are just a little on the rambuncious side of things.

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Anonymous said...

Aren't newborn babies the best! I love the little miracles. Enjoy and I can't wait to see pictures!