Thursday, May 10, 2007

happy birthday mom!

well, a little bit early anyways, tomorrow is her big day! she's seriously thinking about retiring at the end of this year, and i think that would be a good change for her. she loves to travel, and i think she would pursue that more if she wasn't working full time anymore.

happy birthday mom!

so i worked yesterday on a reline (changing the order of products) of a cookie and cracker section at a co-op in the city. i met 2 of the summer students that kraft has working for them, and the 3 of us made a good team for the day. we finished up the entire aisle in about 6 hours, which is decent. take a look next time you are in a grocery store and see just how much stuff is in that area! the interesting/funny thing was the two of them did the cookies, and i got all the crackers moved, shelves moved, everything labelled and back in place in the time it took the 2 of them to get the cookies done. experience i suppose.

this is the main pic for a layout sitting on my desk that i really want to get done before i spill something on it. but just having problems with the flow of it. amazing photos of bailey when he was playing by himself the last day we were on holidays on the beach. he hadn't been in the water yet, so he was dry, but he was doing this totally cute little cha-ching dance. the light was amazing, his reflection showed up off the wet sand as well. so i have 7 pics, 6 are small, like 1 1/2 by 3 inches and the big one is 5x7. i have the title on it, hand drawn and some chippie letters. i just have the urge to do this one justice as i love the photos so much.

where oh where did my mojo get off to??

the title of my layout is solitary moments. i loved being on the beach that early in the morning - not a soul around, and beautiful golden light.

working tomorrow too, not too full of a day, 2 stops are the same thing i did today - putting together these ridiculously heavy metal racks for a crystal light display. i told the rep today that it was a boy's job, not a girl's job. he helped me get one together, but took off and i was left holding the bag, er, metal, by myself. heavy crap. had to recruit someone to help me get them on the sales floor, and then the floor manager had a stupid moment with his pallet jack when we were putting them in place, and managed to tip 1/2 a skid of water bottles onto the floor. nothing broke, but what a PITA to put them all back up again.

so tomorrow i have 2 more to put together, and my usual stop at the chestermere safeway to do their usual rearranging for the week.

tomorrow night my gf and her dh are coming over for a few drinks, looking forward to that. our dh's haven't met, but they'll be fine i'm sure. guys are just like that.

saturday is a bit of work again, and then off to my sister's for a bbq and early mother's day celebration. sunday is a work around the house kind of day. will probably do some plant hunting on our travels on saturday, and i really need to finish tidying up my front flower beds. my knees have been just aching this last week, so bending down isn't making them very happy at all.

on a bit of a fitness note: i don't exercise. i figure with all the lifting, walking, carrying i do in a day, i don't need much more. but, dh is on a weight-loss challenge with the people at work, so we've been trying to walk every night. tonight was about a 3km walk, which isn't too bad, and only took us about 30 minutes. the bonus is that the kids are going out with us too, along with our crazy dog (thanks shell!) so we're spending time out of the house for a bit. tonight was walk #3 of the week, we probably won't go tomorrow, but we will saturday and sunday. so 5 times isn't so bad for just getting on it and doing it. we're also trying to eat a bit better (i'm a good cook if i do say so myself) so i'm working on lower cal meals and such. tough, but at the same time easier as we're not looking for such big/hot meals as we do in the winter. tonight was grilled pork chops, grilled veggies and rice. and it was great :) .

so i think that's it for today - wow - long winded! have a great weekend everyone!

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MonaS! said...

Sounds like a busy weekend my friend but I hope you have a wonderful mother's day. What a beautiful photo - I can't wait to see the lo when it is finished. Have a wonderful weekend