Thursday, August 16, 2007

and we're off!!

heading out tomorrow morning to nanaimo for just over a week. will return next sunday hopefully refreshed and rejuvinated from the vacation - needed for us all! hoping to maybe catch up with jennifer from scraptivity - hopefully we can co-ordinate!

the kids head back to school only a couple days after we get back. they're both looking forward to it - ok, who am i kidding? ds 1 is - he's the big geek. ds 2 - not so much. he'd rather be buried in his computer games and archie comics.

and me? looking forward to the routine of school days again. and maybe i'll find a little bit of productivity scrapbooking again. didn't get anything done over the summer. but i did take pictures!

have a good week - updates and pics when we get back!


MonaS! said...
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MonaS! said...

Mentioned it on S!, but give Jen a big hug for me. Have tons of fun! You are gonna love it out there. Have a nice relaxing vacation. Look forward to seeing your photos when you get back. You gotta come hang out with me sometime girl!!! I need ta meetcha!

jennifer2 said...

She did give me a hug Mona!!

It was great meeting and chatting with you Julie!! Your boys are such good sports!