Sunday, August 05, 2007

august long...

sunday morning, halfway through the long weekend. sunflowers blooming outside my window. sun shining. whinnies of horses just a stone's throw away. the promise of a lazy day is here. its been a busy weekend so far - friday night had the neighbours over for dinner and a movie. lots of laughs, a great time! saturday morning dh went to work and the kids and i slept in, very much needed for me. we then headed off to walmart for a wander and a couple purchases, then met dh at the rodeo grounds for a wander. after that, it was home, i crashed out for a nap, then went down to a friend's campsite for dinner and drinks. this morning its quiet. and i'm liking that. we're supposed to be going for yet another bbq/dinner at a friend's later today, but haven't heard from them yet. will have to call here shortly and find out what's up. tomorrow morning we're off to rosebud for a round of golf with the kids. it's their first time out golfing "for real" so it should be an entertaining time.

enjoy your weekend!

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MonaS! said...

What beautiful flowers Julie. Its great to kinda catch up with you via blog - summer is a tough time to keep up with anyone. Hope you have a wonderful week!