Wednesday, August 01, 2007

and this is what it looks like...

when you get your butt in gear and get your yardwork done!

we've made alot of changes to the yard this year, namely adding the lower deck right at the back of the house, as well as adding in the gravel to make the maintenance even less. (if only we could get the dogs potty trained, it would be simple!!) things that are still to be done: flowerbeds that match up the railing along the lower deck, and putting up the cedar to close in the bottom of the upper deck (no pics of that simply because it just doesn't look very nice with the clutter underneath at the moment!) i'm also wanting raised flower beds in front of the upper deck, along where the cedar is being put in to finish it off. that won't be until next year i'm guessing. just the amount of work we've done this year has improved things hugely! makes me happy!

oh, yes, and between the gazebo and the jurassic park plants, is the mini-pond. it's flourishing this year, doing very well aside from my crazy algae problem i'm having (because of no fish, too much heat, and too much sun), my lilies are doing awesome, as well as the rest of the miscellaneous plants that are in there.

thanks for taking a peek!

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