Friday, September 21, 2007

ok, so i know i just SUCK!

it's been since before holidays that i've posted. so i know that i officially suck.

i'll just give you a quick recap, and call it good.

- holiday was great. the room not so much - would have to give it negative reviews. it sucked. smelled like ass. and totally uncomfortable

- had that interview *FINALLY* that i was waiting for. 2 1/2 weeks ago. still haven't heard anything back.

- had a yearly review with my boss, got a good raise, a nice lunch, and a pat on the back.

- have trained 2 new people since coming home from holidays.

- have done 2 weeks of sales coverage, with another 3 back to back starting a week from monday.

- got the kids back to school with zero road bumps. b is actually loving school this year - maybe its going to finally be "the" year for him. he's never really liked it yet! (and i think he's connected very well with this year's teacher - definitely key for him!)

- my big kid is in junior high. wow. scary that he's growing up.

- been out golfing twice - once with the kids, once with dh, one of his co-workers and our usual golfing partner-the neighbour.

- quit smoking just after returning from holidays. that is a huge one. and probably the biggest reason i haven't been on the computer much. had to change habits as well.

- gained 5 pounds. see above.

- went to race city to watch cascar and stock car racing.

- started reading the new harry potter book.

- read books 1 - 10 of the stephanie plum series.

- we're toying with the idea of moving sooner rather than later. possibilities are (and yes, some sound a little bit crazy) houston, texas; belize; bahamas; ohio (and i already said NO to that one)

so there you have it. a month in fast forward!


Anonymous said...

Happy to have you back Julie!! That's quite a list of possible places to move! Quite the span of the globe . . .

MonaS! said...

Glad your back Julie. WOW - those are quite the options for moving. Sounds cool. Sounds like you've been really busy too!

Tammy said...

Good to catch up with you! Congrats on the job, all the good things happening and quitting smoking, that's huge!!! Good for you! I'm also impressed with your book reading skills...LOL!! Keep it up!

See ya online! Love the song playing!

Katrina said...

Congratulations Julie!!!! WTG on quitting smoking! That is HUGE! Stick with it,'s the most important thing for YOU~!

Can't wait to see where the move takes you! My vote is belize..sounds DREAMY!