Wednesday, February 14, 2007

happy valentine's day!

well, my day started out quite well i think! made a card for the dh and tucked it into his lunchbox last night. quite cute if i do say so myself! will see if i can borrow it to post a pic. he liked it i think - got a kiss out of it this morning!

got myself out the door and down to the courthouse for 9am to see what i could do about my little speeding ticket from just before christmas (oh yes, that was a merry ho-ho to me!!) since i know nothing about how this all works, the last one i just paid as we were going on holidays when it was due, i went to check in and was informed that i would need to sit and wait for the first appearance prosecutor. so i sat. and waited. in the uncomfortably close confines of the waiting room. my personal space was invaded from both sides, behind and in front of me. nothing even on the walls to read, so sat and looked at the people's shoes around me. i sat there for about an hour. then saw the guy. he reduced my penalty to about half - $85 from $161 with 1 less demerit. so that's all good, i would say!

went to the city to go work after that. stopped in at the last chance liquidators - they liquidate costco merchandise. the cool thing, today they had all clothing 40% off, so picked up 2 t-shirts for myself and a pair of swim trunks for ds#1 for our mexico holiday.

stopped at our mailbox on the way home, and there is my delivery notice for my S! kit. i want to go get it, but it is so darn cold out, i'm not going to go back out again until tomorrow. will pick it up on my way out in the morning. pretty pathetic if you ask me!!

and dh is cooking us valentine's dinner. can't wait to see what he's coming up with. i got dessert on my way home - chocolate lava cakes, strawberries and ice cream.

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Just Rhonda said...

it cracks me up that it was too cold for you to go and get your kit. :) Gotta love southern Alberta winter!