Tuesday, February 06, 2007


just some thoughts as they come to me, after all its been almost 2 weeks since i last posted (why does this sound like "father, i have sinned, it has been 2 weeks since my last confession"?)

- work is going well. keeping busy, keeping my head above water, trying to fill C.'s shoes for the time being. i've put in some great orders the last couple days, so that should help the sales numbers for the territory!

-driving in freezing rain is not fun. its not even that the roads bother me so much, its the iced up windshield that bothers me. and when the little "washer fluid low" light comes on when i'm on the highway.

- bubble baths. mmmmmm... need i say more?

- reading a great kid's book at the moment "Inkheart" by Cornelia Funke. my ds also has the next one in the series "Inkspell" which i'm sure i'll pick up as soon as i'm done this one. great read!

- caved and picked up a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts on the way home from work. love how when you go in and the "hot" light is on - you get that warm, soft, yeasty, sweet, unbelievably caloric donut to savor while you're waiting for your order to be filled. not to mention that i'll be feeding my niece and nephew one tomorrow morning after swim lessons. that should get them good and wound up before i say 'bye!! (yes i'm very very mean. those poor children are sugar deprived!)

- yes, swim lessons. going to the Y again tomorrow morning for the mommy workout LOL. actually, loving the bonding time with my niece and nephew. A. usually hangs out with me for some girl time in the pool, while J. has graduated to sitting on my lap afterward while we have "lunch" before i head out to work. last week it was so cute when J. was sitting with me, picking through my wrap to pull out the cucumbers for his own consumption. what a turkey! and little A. - she is loving the jumping in the pool. she plays coy, then all of a sudden launches herself at me, giggling the whole time.

- and my not so little boy J. has now launched himself into the lucrative money making world of being a (pre)teenage babysitter. he has his first "gig" this coming weekend, with a trial run tomorrow night for a couple hours. i'm sure he'll be in there like a dirty shirt - and being only a couple blocks away, he knows we'll help him out if he gets stuck!

- in a bit of a scrapping rut at the moment. haven't done anything in a couple weeks. maybe because i'm getting slightly ticked at PSE. its happened before. if i can't figure out how to do what i want with my photos, i just shut down for a while till i figure it out. that being said, i am dedicating saturday to scrapping while dh is making sausage. that is a guy thing. more on that in a minute... i also have 7 cj's to work on. 2 from the group i'm hosting, and 5 from another. ACK!! but!! wait!! that should fuel some creativity if nothing else!!

- yes sausage. dh made some wonderful jerky and smoked pork tenderloins on the weekend. the jerky is thicker, more like that kippered beef stuff you can find at 7-11 in the middle of the night when you're craving salt. and the tenderloins have yet to be tasted. they are currently drying in the garage fridge where the temptation of "just a nibble" is gone from inside the house. we should be able to sample this tomorrow, maybe thursday! he and ds are planning on making some bratwursts and mettwursts on saturday. looking forward to the mettwurst myself, this is one of my favorite types of sausage!

- i replaced the destroyed curtains in our bedroom. a lovely brown linen-y type of fabric. chocolate brown. now for a new duvet cover!!

- and a parting giggle.
we discussed last night that there were swim lessons today after school. we discussed this morning that there were swim lessons today after school. ds1 told ds2 to meet him after school to go to swim lessons. what happens?
i pull into the garage after work at 3:45. first indication *something* is not right - the dog is in the yard. did my lovely housekeeper forget to let him in before she left? hmmm. i walk in the back door, spot ds2's boots by the front door. where is he? downstairs at the computer. why? because he FORGOT about swim lessons. tell him to get moving so i can take him over, just as ds1 blasts through the front door, after running all the way home from the pool to find the daydreamy child who has forgotten about his swim lessons. i tell ya. if his head wasn't screwed on he'd leave that behind too. and he was PUMPED about swimming. go figure. i think he takes after his mother.

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Lacintha said...

YOu sound busy busy busy!
I hear you o the creative rut...sometimes you gotta just grab it by the horns and do it!Use some pics you already have ready and start there...or join us at Scrapbooking Fanatics for one of our Friday night crops (PLUG!!!...lol)