Saturday, February 10, 2007

circle journal overload

wow. i must say i feel just slightly overwhelmed with circle journals at the moment. i love to peruse them as i receive them. sit on them for a week or two to digest their content. decide what i'm going to do, and take pictures if i need to. then maybe in the last week before the mail date is due, actually complete the process and do up my layout for them.

until this week.

i received 2 cj's from teresa, for the group i am hostessing. now 2 at once isn't a big deal. nor are we in any rush as we are running months AHEAD of schedule. yes ahead. no, that doesn't seem to happen often in circle journal groups. it is not the norm.

now, like i said, 2 is not a big deal. until a humongous box arrived on wednesday (or was it tuesday?) with - count with me - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - FIVE more journals. so that makes seven in my possession.

holy crap.

theoretically, seven months of work arriving at once. yipes.

the good thing? i got off my butt and spent the day today devoted to circle journals. i dug up old photos. i scanned. i cropped. i even snapped photos. i pasted. i inked. i stamped. i did a ton of hand journalling. and at the end of the day, i now have 4 of those 7 journals completed.

i must say i'm rather please with myself. creativity is in the house.

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MonaS! said...

Can't wait to get all the cjs from you - I am revving up my creative juices my friend!!! Good for you for being so determined! Not sure that I would have been as motivated as you all in one shot!