Sunday, January 18, 2009

whine and moan

well, i'm there. i've lost just over 40 pounds since september. and i've made my goal. i am sticking to my weight loss plan for the next couple of weeks yet, as best i can, while we're on holidays. (not because i want to lose more, but because the plan i'm on has a 6 week stabilization part to it that will be better to start once i get back) does it feel good? oh yes. but that good feeling makes it hard for packing as very little of what i own for summer clothing fits anymore. and i know i shouldn't whine about the whole thing, but it is rather disheartening to put on something you liked, and made you look good before, and now it just hangs like a bad set of curtains.

so that has left me with 1 dress that i happened to find as a "one off" on sale between christmas and new years. shorts that are large, but i can get away with as long as i don't make any sudden movements for them to fall down. 2 pairs of capris that have a baggy bum. there is nowhere to purchase shorts at this time of year! i even had my eye on a pair of sandals from sears, called them, (this was last weekend) and they told me it would be well toward the end of the month before they arrive. huh?? the new catalog just came out!!

i have managed to find some tank tops and 3 super cute roxy t's found their way into my shopping bag yesterday.

and another lady i know that lost a good amount (more than 70!!! lbs for her) is throwing a bag of goodies my way to borrow for holidays. i'll be picking those up today.

so hopefully i won't look too pathetic for the 10 days we're away. at least i have bathing suits that fit!

(yes, it is a shameful whine, and i'm sure some of you are thinking some nasty thoughts, and i totally appreciate that. i just never thought in my life that i could actually do this! EVER.)

we're less than 48 hours to boarding our plane for our getaway. the kids are packed (i'm usually scrambling around the night before), dh has got his act together, i'm the only one left.

things to do:
change our bed
clean the carpets (i know this sounds ridiculous, but then my housekeeper can get some other much needed things done when we're away)
write notes to the schools re: the kids absence
last minute laundry
make sure i leave a cheque and list for my housekeeper
drop the dogs at the kennel tomorrow after work
lock the doors (we're really really bad for that!!)

the cab arrives at 3:45 am on tuesday for us to take off!

have a great sunday!

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have a wonderful time!