Monday, January 05, 2009


well, i am impressed, 5 days in, and i've taken a picture everyday. today is a toss up between 2 though, so i'm a bit torn as to which to post. maybe i need a poll LOL and did anyone catch my dating boo-boo?? i put both the 2nd and 3rd in as the 2nd - i need to change that...!

back to work today, and it was a good productive day although i didn't get in to as many stores as i was hoping to. the people i deal with were all in great moods, and extra chatty. along with an hour i spent talking to another sales rep from another company who happens to deal with some of our product in a back door sort of way. (but i'd rather have a rapport with him than argue with him, c'est la vie!!)

up a bit on the scale at my weigh in this morning (.4 of a pound... not much, but enough that it was up rather than down!!) but i'll keep plugging away. also made arrangements with the time i'll be away - i'll have an extra 4 weight loss weeks traded for maintenance weeks so that if i happen to gain a bit it won't be a huge deal, and i won't have to pay for more loss weeks when we're back if i do happen to gain a bit.

the weather has improved dramatically over the last 24 hours - tonight we made a quick wal*mart run, and i was able to go out in just a hoodie rather than the bundling we've been used to the last few weeks. we're hovering just below freezing, with the forecast for more of the same.
the bad news is that there is yet more snow arriving towards the end of the week.

and i'm happy to report that i finally have some music up and running again on my blog - boy have i missed that!! just some stuff that i like, hope you do too!

hope you're having a great day, wherever your travels lead you!

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