Monday, January 12, 2009

feeling a bit ill

because i can't find one of my work file folders. the last time i know i had it in hand was on thursday. what that means is that a bunch of work stuff i got done in the last few weeks is MIA. ugh. and i have due dates this friday. if i don't find it in the next 24 hours, i'll have to redo what i did before then. feeling just a bit like the universe is working against me, this is the second "lost" thing in the last couple weeks. (the other being my photoshop disk)

on a nice, happy note - dh and i went for pedicures tonight. what a lovely couple hours! our tootsies are polished and buffed and scrubbed and flip-flop worthy.

1 more week...

so here is dh loving the massage chair... pic(s) of the day

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Lacintha said...

Hey Jules..I hope you found your missing file :(...oh and the pedis sound DIVINE!!!!!

tHOSE PICS OF YOUR HUBBY ARE AWSOME...I can feel his bliss...aaahhh!
I want a chair like that now