Sunday, January 04, 2009

grumpy people

annoy me!! its seems like now that the christmas season is over, more people are just grumpier than ever. and pushy. and shovey. not sure why that is. even driving down the street earlier today, got to the corner and just about got smoked by the guy that lives a few doors down because he cut the corner turning onto our street. or the lady that comes zooming down the alley, only to be surprised that someone else is coming down the road. the dirty looks are amazing. or the pushy people at costco. couldn't even stop anywhere in there today for fear of being run into from behind by a cart. and when they stop dead in the middle of the aisle, with no room on either side to get by, there is a dirty look from them for trying passing them. bleh. grumps go home!! LOL

the boys and i had a good day today, and quite productive. dh had to work today because he let his guys take a break over the last 2 weeks, so he got stuck working today. he was able to come home early, however, and was back in the house by 3.

we went to costco in the city, got a few groceries to tide us over for the next couple weeks, the boys had a hot dog and fries, and we were back home by 1pm. then the kids went to dinosaur hill to toboggan for a while. the weather finally warmed to a balmy -6, enough for them to enjoy some time out there. i got the fridge cleaned out and diswasher emptied while they were gone, and then enjoyed a bit of quiet before all of them were back home. dh got dinner prepped, so all i had to do was cook it, so that was nice. a lovely chicken stirfry with brown rice.

hoping when i go in tomorrow to weigh in, i'll be down a bit more. hopefully only another week (or less!) before i can start my stabilization program, which means i'll have a bit more for food allowance once we go on holidays.

todays photo was taken by ds1 while we were driving on the highway to the city. check out that gorgeous blue sky!! and we could see the mountains as well. if you click the picture, you can enlarge it, and you can make out part of the downtown cityscape of calgary.

have a great night!


MonaS! said...

great photo. I don't like grumpy people either. We are back to work and school over here today! Hope you have a great week.

~Caro~ said...

gorgeous photo, wow!!