Sunday, December 09, 2007

its all because i washed it...

really. i should know better.

i thought, heck, the getaway vehicle could really use a wash, so i sucked it up and paid the $8.50 for a super duper wash when i got gas this afternoon.

and now its all nice and shiny. sitting in the garage. warm and toasty.


really. i should know better.

go figure. the second i take it out, its going to be even more dirty than before i washed it. just my typical luck. it looks pretty though. if nothing else.

went to heritage park yesterday for brunch and a wander of their 12 days of christmas displays, went with the whole darn fan-damily. so that included, my parents, grandma, sis, brother-in-law, their 3 munchkins, and us. and it was darn cold out. left the house early here to drop off dh's car to get the oil changed at the dealership first. and it was a BALMY minus freaking 25!!! my bones just don't do well in that.

so we bee-lined for the admission booth, scooted through the gates, ran down the hill to stand under the heater they have there, then ran the rest of the way down to the main street. ducked into what is the ice cream store in the summer to warm up before making our way the rest of the way to the hotel for our brunch. it was wonderful - homestyle, hearty, and filled us up for the rest of the afternoon. fresh bakery items, hash browns, eggs, bacon, sausage and french toast, pancakes and waffles. yum.

afterwards, it had warmed up sufficiently to wander around for a bit. took a look at the crafts and goodies they had on sale for christmas, the little ones threw snow around, went through a maze, and generally had a nice little walk. no, no pics, didn't feel like lugging the camera around in the cold, not to mention, i'm sure it would have just fogged up anyways.

from there, we went in search of tile to complete the downstairs bathroom. our plumber will be in next saturday to hook everything up. the kids are happy (as am i) and we won't have to go upstairs to piddle when we're watching tv! what a bonus!! LOL

friends and neighbours over last night for a pre-christmas visit. it was great - lots of laughter, the guys even got into a hockey game for a bit, wonderful munchie finger foods, and it was an easy clean up this morning.

and now its just late enough that i better get my buns in bed - off to the city again tomorrow. maybe even some success with getting christmas presents together!!


MonaS! said...

sounds like you had a wonderful time - despite the cold! Good luck with the Christmas presents - have a good week, my friend!

Anonymous said...

You wash your car in the winter? I like to leave it as is until someone writes "clean me!" with their finger on it. Saves me time, money, and put the burden on someone else to remind me what to do. :) I totally want that breakfast by the way.

Meredith - Daily Kvetch said...

That was Meredith by the way...