Monday, December 03, 2007

it's all about being 12

tomorrow that is. my big guy is turning 12 - and he's quite excited about it all. he's one amazing kid and i am proud to call him my son. and because i wouldn't be a mom without embarrassing him to death - this is a goodie of him a few weeks ago when we were hanging out at my sister's house.
poor child. good thing he doesn't read my blog. or so i hope LOL

but seriously, this is a pic that shows off who he really is...
he's just a big teddy bear - gentle, sensitive, and loving. he's already got great practice with the little ones, and that is one amazing feat to get a young guy to tote around a baby (even a cousin!) for any length of time! good on ya man :) and happy birthday!

so another goodie from our visit with my sister - the b-man reading to the twin monkeys. he thought it was just great to have an audience all to himself. he read them stories while they both listened intently to him!
the cool thing was that b-man was reading them some of his favorites from when he was their age. they are by laura numeroff - and there are a few of them. i can't say which is the best of the bunch, but they are sure great for little ones at the pre-reading age. they can easily memorize the books, and then that eventually leads to them learning to read those words! very cool remembering those things about my own kids.

and a couple of housekeeping notes - the big guy has been working with the theatre group again in another production here. its a pantomime - basically a comedy that involves audience participation. the whole crew was out to see it over the weekend, including nana, poppa, mimi, auntie lisa, and auntie jenny who came up from cranbrook especially to see him.

also a big shout out to my buddy sam in georgia - have missed you guy! so happy to have heard from you today!

hope you're all staying warm - its mighty chilly here!

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