Saturday, January 19, 2008

so. um. yeah.

more than a month. wow. well, there are reasons. maybe not huge earth shattering ones, but reasons nonetheless.

so, here goes:

1. sometimes there's just nothing interesting to say. which is most days. so there's that.

2. christmas and all that goes with. concerts, parties, people in and out of our house a number of evenings (that i LOVE). and then christmas itself. which was great. family commitments, that sort of thing.

3. oh yeah. the small matter of a disgusting cold that hung around prior, during and after the christmas season. took a good 3-ish weeks to be rid of. snot. nothing i really need to have.

4. a transition to my new position (heck, that rhymes! LOL) i'm now officially a territory manager for cadbury-schweppes. and loving it. hello clamato!! LOADS of perks. gotta love it!

so i think that's it. so really, its not so much how many excuses, its the quality. really.

so yeah, back to the whole christmas thing. we had our friends/neighbours in a couple of evenings in december. oh, and new year's eve too. we had a great time. heaps of great stuff to eat, drink and be merry.

christmas day was spent at my sister's in the city. and you know, i'm really so over the having everyone out here for christmas. seriously. i don't have a mess to clean up, and its all good in the long run.

presents were not about quantity this year. i did get the one thing i desperately wanted - tanning minutes. it may sound somewhat dorky, - its not really even about the tan for me. i just get so freaking cold in the winter time, going and laying in that hot bed for 10 minutes and i'm a much happier person for it. i feel much better too. its different than sitting in the tub in scalding hot water... my bones get warm too.

we did also get nintendo ds systems for all 4 of us. that was the "big stuff" and we've been having an absolute riot with them. we have games that we all play together, which is just plain fun. two of our neighbours also got them, so we have had them all going at the same time and had a grand time playing racing games together.

dh also got me the most amazing-est, cooshie-est bathtub pillow i have ever seen. that just plain rocks. love it.

and as i already mentioned, seriously loving my new job. loads of perks (our beer fridge is stuffed full of clamato, water, welch's juice, fiji water - amazing!) and great co-workers. i have a huge territory to cover, generally we're visiting stores about once a quarter, so i'm hoping to get out to at least do an initial visit with all my stores in the next few weeks. from there, i'll just play it by ear. i'm hoping to get some headway made in some accounts that the other sales rep just has not had time to do. so while i don't have distinct goals yet, i know what i personally want to accomplish as well.

hoping to get my "home office" set up in a way that is conducive to working from home some days as well. looking for another desk or table so that one will be a work desk, and the other for crafting. will have to see what i come up with! will also need to get the spare bed out of my office too to make some room. a good de-junking is desperately needed!

i think that's it for now - the big stuff anyways...


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MonaS! said...

sounds like you are a busy lady! Congrats on the job - hope you love it. Its great that you updated so I could catch up on what you're up to!