Wednesday, December 05, 2007

blizzardy blah!

oh the weather outside is frightful....

most definitely! had a quick roadtrip to vulcan, a small center about an hour south to do a sales call for one of the reps this morning. at this moment in time i am VERY glad i headed out at a decent time this morning, and that i'm back home now. it is snowing quite a bit, and on the way home it was white-out conditions in a number of places.

the downside at this moment is that i do have to go back in to the city for my final dental appointment to get the crown finished on one of my molars. i'm not much looking forward to the drive in a couple hours. we'll see what its like at that point.

i took my camera with me this morning on my way out, if only to stop at some point and take a few pics of the amazing hoarfrost that is hanging around on everything right now. but with the blowing snow, and the frigid temps, it just didn't happen. i think the worst thing about our weather right now is the lack of sunshine. if you can count on one thing, it is the crazy amount of sun we get, even in winter. but we've had cloud for pretty much the last week, and that sure gets alot of people down. i was hoping that there would be some blue sky this morning to get some great pictures. but it wasn't to be. oh well!

work has been super slow still. i'm going out about 2 days a week, but even at that, its only for a half day or so at a time. it sounds all good to get paid for not going anywhere, but at the same time, there's not alot of extra to go towards christmas shopping then either. and that kind of sucks too. who knows. none of us girls are getting much of anything by way of work right now, so at least i can say its not just me.

hope you're having a sun-shiny day! and if you are, could you please send some this way too??

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MonaS! said...

its no more sunshiny out here than there, but I wish you lots of sunshine for today. Hope your dentist appt. wasn't to bad! Love ya!