Wednesday, October 29, 2008

mexico adventures - august 2008

this is where we stayed - the ocean coral H10 just 15 minutes south of cancun, mexico. if you want hot, try mexico in august. it was amazing - about 38C plus the humidex bringing it up to close to 50C. less than a day and we were very happy with the heat!
just a bit blurry!! my dad and i
a beachside buffet was a great way to spend our second to last evening. there was a live band, and fabulous food!
always on the lookout for clamato - we found it in a little groceteria in puerto morelos
another blurry-ish one, (thanks donut for taking pictures!!) of my mom and i. the italian restaurant was the best of the bunch!
on the end of the pier in puerto morelos, mexico
las isla mall in cancun (oh yes, we were hot and cranky!!)
my mom, the donut (ds#1) and dh on the connecting walk at the H10 ocean resort just south of cancun
yes, that is exactly what you are seeing - really!! the fine sand had gotten jammed up between the mesh lining and the outer material of his shorts - so what better way to get it out than get nekkid in the ocean!!! LOLOL
just one of the huge beautiful pools at the resort!

more to come....

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Meredith said...

Wow, I totally want to go there! You guys look so great - happy and relxed! I think I never would have left that pool - except to maybe get massages and facials. :-)