Wednesday, October 29, 2008

just for tammy...

funny how you bump into someone that you haven't seen in - what? - 18 years or so?? so, this one is for you tammy - because you'll have to snoop pretty darn deep to find more like it!!

this was our annual family photo day the weekend prior to thanksgiving. so this is us - left to right - dh, ds#1 (12 years old), ds#2 (10 years old) and myself.

the 12 of us went down to kinsmen park to do the deed... makes life interesting with all of us - my grandma is 90, all the way down to my little niece that turned 1 in may.

it was nice that the trees still had leaves, it made it much prettier than when we did this last year.

so here's some more:

boy - you'd think we had no teeth!! LOL

my sister, brother in law, and their little monkeys

my mom and dad - gotta love 'em!

then there's the whole gang - the guys vs the girls! loved these pictures, but too bad about me looking like a somewhat sad daydreamer!!

just goofing around

so there's the goods for you!

i really should get some of our trip pictures up from mexico in august. that was one amazing trip. well heck, posted one set, now i should be motivated to do the rest...

life is busy, but a good busy. ds#1 is in yet another upcoming theatre production, curling season is here again for both the boys, and halloween just a couple days away.

thanks for taking a peek!

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