Thursday, October 30, 2008

mexico adventure part 2

so to continue (albeit 2 months later!!! its been sitting in my draft box awaiting journalling!) we went up the road from the resort one afternoon to visit a crocodile zoo. well, it was that and much more! it was on the pricey side ($70US for the 4 of us) but we had a guide just for us, and a personal tour along with lots of animals to touch and feel.

first, a welcoming kiss from one of the parrots. notice the slightly squinshed up faces on all of us as that parrot was coming in for a smooch...

and then it was right on in to the thick of it - starting with holding crocodiles.

those were some awfully scary looking creatures - i personally think they'd make a nice pair of shoes. but these little ones were kind of cute in a don't touch me kind of way. the boys did think it was cool though.

and then on to the boa constrictors. fortunately for us, this one was just a little one, only about 2 months old.

this one seemed to quite like dh... alot... especially around his neck!

and yes, i did hold this one. amazing how much power you could feel in such a small animal!!

now, if anyone has ever seen one of these and knows what it is... please tell me! we can't remember for the life of us, but he did belong to an exotic dancer... apparently... a herbivore, he was not out for anything but some lovin'...

b was the only one that was brave enough to hold him. he was a pretty cool animal once you got past his looks! they store food in the pouches on either side of their head, similar to a hamster.


vine snakes...

and the cutest little turtles!! we could take a couple home in our pockets!

oh the thrill of the hunt... LOL

and just when we thought we had seen all the lizards we could, *these* were in the next enclosure that we walked through... no barriers, and less than 5 feet away. just a little bit on the intimidating side!!

and then we visited the deer. and fed them. b seemed to be the deer whisperer for the day. every time we turned around, he had more of them around him!

ok, so NOT attractive! LOL but it was quite hilarious at the time... the deer were coming up to me and sniffing for the goodies i had. so i sniffed back at them!

these were quite the funky animals, a cross between a raccoon and something else. and quite vicious the way they were fighting over their food!!

this was monica, a rescued monkey. she was quite sweet and was quite happy to eat the treats we gave her... no really good pics, all blurry as she was a twitchy little thing!

and this pretty kitty was just so cute! a cross of an ocelot and something else, she was no bigger than a housecat. no petting her though!

and a final goodbye from the parrots.

really an amazing experience when there is just not the same opportunity to touch/feel at a traditional zoo here. we did like that they also take in rescued animals, the place was spotlessly clean and all the animals were well cared for. so our money did go to a great cause. the website is it is just south of cancun, at km 31. IMHO, a great trip for the whole family. just take bug spray, lots of it, no matter the time of day. trust me on this one!!

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