Monday, February 18, 2008

gone gone gone

isn't it funny how time just gets away from you???

life has been busy around here, and strangely enough, not alot to say about things either. (hey mer - maybe we both need some excitement!!)

starting to settle into a work routine, although the weather hadn't really been cooperating, the kids had some down time (one week they only attended school for 1 day because of the weather!!) so that had me working from home (not a bad thing!) while they were home. there's also been a big learning curve, lots of things to remember, learn and do. and hopefully within my weekly time frame. it's all good.

we just came home this afternoon from a well-deserved break to great falls, montana. although its not too far from home (4 1/2 hours), we shopped 'til we dropped with the dollar being as good as it is right now. i found some wonderful deals on clothing - both for work and play, and the kids were somewhat spoiled as well. b's big deal of the weekend was a new set of golf clubs for this spring. he's very pumped, and was already asking j if he'd come out to the field with him as soon as the snow melts to practice his drives. silly guy :) i'm thinking we just have to get out to the golf dome one weekend here for him to try them out. j was in his glory picking out some fun new things for himself, as well as some (gigantic) size 13 golf shoes. like i said, deals were in the air this weekend!!

tomorrow is a busy day getting back in the groove. on my must do list is an oil change for the 'benz. and a deal there as well. found oil for cheap in the states. now this may not sound like a big deal, but given that it takes 8 litres of synthetic, and retail here is about $10 a litre, my $4.50/L i paid to pick it up in the states was a godsend. my dad had forewarned me about the $150 oil changes, but this has now sealed the deal so to speak for taking a trip away!! mind you, it only needs an oil change done every 15,000 km, (or 6 months) compared to the 6 - 8 week cycle i needed before in the van, its really not any more of an expense. but heck, save a dollar here and there when i can!

the other must do on my list is training for the upcoming provincial election. that's coming up in 2 weeks. that's tomorrow afternoon.

and then off to obedience school with the kikanue dog. we had our first class last week, and had a great time. she did very well - even my kennel lady (she also does the classes) was quite impressed. kikanue can be a real handful, but she did very well. hopefully this will get us off in a better direction than things have been going with her. its not that she's a bad dog, she's just a mismanaged dog with too many ideas about being the alpha in the house. she thinks she's the boss, and that doesn't go over well with me, who IS the alpha (LOL). because we really don't have much of a background for her, it can just be plain difficult living with her. hopefully this will help.

other than that, i think that's about it...

over and out...

and enjoy the tunes! (sorry its probably now stuck in your head!!!)


Meredith said...

You don't want the feverish, coughing, hacking excitement I've had this week, trust me!

MonaS! said...

sounds like you have been crazy busy. hope the obedience school is going well! Love ya!