Saturday, November 10, 2007


i think that when you're pregnant, your body programs itself to require less sleep than usual. you're up every couple hours to pee, and whether you're actually fully awake, or more the stumbling type, you get accustomed to waking every couple hours whether you need to or not. then as a new mom, you struggle through the wee hours of the night, again, either fully awake or just barely stumbling through, to fetch that little one to you, feed and relax again into sleep.

and eventually, your little ones outgrow the need for you in the night. even my guys will very rarely wake me up if they are ill.

but then there are nights like last night. where i tried every "trick" in my book. counting, breathing, relaxing, to no avail. i know that i must have slept at some point. the last time i looked at the clock it was just before 7am this morning. but my brain did not revel in sleep. it was very much active and awake. and as such, today i was a sloth.

i spent the morning on the couch in the basement, watching a terrible movie with my youngest son, who eventually realized that i had dozed off and teletoon had a far more interesting movie on than was on tbs, changed the channel. the two of us peeled ourselves away from the tv around 11am, and i got myself into the shower.

then we had a baking lesson. my little b wanted to make butter tarts. i was half wondering to myself where he had even seen them to be wanting to make them (i'm thinking on our trip to costco yesterday... perhaps?) so i indulged him. i've had the tart shells in the freezer since last fall when i made a few batches for some reason or other. so that's what we did. he was so proud of himself, measuring and making sure we were following the instructions. and they turned out wonderful. even kikanue indulged in a couple that she pulled off the tray while we were downstairs after lunch. go figure. a doggie with a sweet tooth!

so this afternoon was more of the same for me. the tv on, but me dozing most of the programs away. dh and the big man had gone to the city this morning to fetch the shower stall and last 2 remaining doors for the basement. so the loaded them into the house, and then headed out to the garage for some male bonding time playing darts for the rest of the afternoon. little b went to play with a friend for a while, and then he also joined the guys outside. the good thing was dinner was easy tonight - costco pizza and a salad, followed by the butter tarts for dessert. a great saturday night dinner if you ask me!

so now, dh is snoring (he also didn't sleep well last night) and i'm awake. perhaps a little too awake for not sleeping last night. but i do need to get there. i'm thinking a little snog of something will help put me out for the night.

if there ever was a reason to be up in the middle of the night, a little one to cuddle would be the best reason ever. watching the alarm clock count the minutes just doesn't do it for me.

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MonaS! said...

Doncha hate that when you can't sleep?! Were the butter tarts yummy? Love em - makes me want to bake. Have a good week my friend!