Thursday, November 01, 2007

missed it all...

taking any pics that is - we were just too busy having fun last night to take any pictures. but heck, we had a grand time anyways. dh dressed up as a crash test dummy, i was my usual witch, ds#1 was a roman god, and ds#2 was a crusader. all in all it was a great time :)

we had over 100 kids come for a treat last night - and it was quite funny with the older ones when i asked them if they wanted playdoh or a glow-bracelet. and interestingly enough, more of them wanted the playdoh! you're never too old is my thinking. costco had these mini playdoh's - 80 of the for $12 or something. so that made it reasonable, and my thinking is that the kids always get more candy than they possibly need, so something different is quite welcome!

dinner last night was a quick one - the kids were anxious to get going, dh was anxious to go hang outside on the porch, and for me, after a busy day, it was nice to just get something simple and hearty in our bellies. so we had a quick panini sandwich (plain cheese for b and i, pastrami and roast beast and cheese for dh and j) and a bowl of mushroom soup. gotta love it!

its been busy with work this week, and i'm quite glad that tomorrow is friday. looking forward to a not too busy weekend.

had an interesting job interview this afternoon with a placement agency. interesting in that the fellow i met with was someone that is on the same sort of wavelength as i am - that its not always the schooling that will make a person better for a job than another. we'll see where that goes!

so that's about it for an update tonight - i'm quite ready for bed, and need to be out the door early tomorrow morning.

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MonaS! said...

very smart with the playdoh idea! I'll have to remember that for next year. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!