Tuesday, November 13, 2007

and again...

so instead of laying there tonight... again... i'm up. might as well throw a bit onto the blog. what the heck.

windier than all get out today. and our recycle bin has blown away. funny thing b said to me as we were discussing it - "i can't believe it would blow away when there was so much stuff in it" HA!
the guy was by today to pick it up! good giggle either way. but our bin is still gone. maybe a quick drive down the street tomorrow is in order - i saw a garbage can that belongs to the neighbour behind us was in the walkway a few houses down. so maybe its around. the lid was under our next-door neighbour's truck. hopefully its not far.

went into the city this afternoon for a bit. dh had an interview late this afternoon, so we went and wandered the mall for a while. surprising how many people had the day off - this was the first time ever that dh got the day off for rememberance day. it was hot and crowded and my patience wore thin fairly quick - not something normal for me. we did find a new winter coat for j though. we've been looking for a while, and found one he's happy with. and on sale!

we had a quick stirfry dinner tonight of broccoli and beef, using the seasoning mix packet from the spice aisle of the grocery store. we were quite pleased with the results. it was yummy and quick!

j is in another play again with the theatre here. he was missed on the audition calls, and when they finally did call him, it was to be a second for a part, as well as a technical stage hand again as well. so he does have days that he is performing for sure, and is having a grand time as well. he really enjoys his time working with the theatre group.

well, i'm going to go and try to get back to sleep. hopefully its not too long a night again...

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