Wednesday, March 28, 2007

just a little tired

what a crazy day today. started out with dh giving me a little poke, and then a whispered "honey, i'm sorry, the alarm didn't go off!!" and me jumping out of bed. the god-awful time?? 5:55am. i am NOT a morning person. blech.

out the door at 6am, (no, i did not shower, i was going to the pool anyways this morning) and off to work. the reason for the nasty time? there were Kraft VP's in town this week i guess, so off i went to tidy up a store in anticipation of their visit today.

after that, was off to the pool for my niece and nephew's last swim lesson of this session. had a grand time in the pool!

then, off to another nearby store to do some more display tidy up and filling.

then the mad dash home - went for my last tanning minutes (aka - SNOOZE!) and nails done before holidays on saturday.

then wait!! had to go back to the city again for another couple hours of work.

my grand mileage total for the day? 300 km. crazy. one of my sister's friends asked me this morning if i minded driving so much. i suppose if i did, i wouldn't be doing the job i do. i do get mileage, so it is a bonus.

so now we're into the home stretch for holidays - 54 hours till we head to the airport for some r&r. still feel like i have alot on my plate though. and not completely packed. i'll get there, even if it means not getting to bed on friday night. it'll be more like a nap if anything else.

i did find something way cool today to take with me:

now how fun is this?? i thought it was too cute! will be taking it with me down south - and the best part is that a straw fits in the hole in the top - and its leakproof when the lid is snapped shut.

gotta love it.

(and if you need one for yourself - its from starbucks. for twelve bucks. but it made my day!)

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MonaS! said...

love the cup - tooo cute!!! Have a fabulous time and have a couple of drinks for me, my friend! Want to see all your fabby pictures when you get back!