Monday, March 26, 2007

busy week ahead!

only 5 more sleeps until we head off on our holiday! man has time flown by. and i'm sure this week will be no exception.

workwise - i really could use a clone this week. not that i worked today, or will work tomorrow, but i got 3 phone calls today that rounded out wednesday, and i already have friday more or less filled (the kids are off school that day, so wasn't wanting a full day anyways). and i still have thursday free as well. wednesday i could probably have filled 10 hours with what everyone is wanting, but i have other stuff on the go that day as well. as it is, will be heading into the city at 6am so that i can still make swim lessons with my sister at 9:45. after that, i have a stop to work in the same area for hopefully only an hour or so. then heading back home for 2 appts, one at 1:30 and the other at 2. funny how nobody can really plan ahead!!

very cool - sue has her site open at what a fabulous job she and her team have done! lots of familiar faces over there... i wish her luck!

quiet day for me at home. got the kitchen tidied up, put in 4 loads of laundry, went to wal-mart (twice) cooked dinner, read blogs, downloaded pics from my camera... speaking of, will show a couple of funnies here:

this is my mom - during our pedicure outing on
saturday... what a hoot!! it seems like we all have
issues of some sort with our toes - mom's got
some sort of weird thing happening - this was
when her lovely gal was fixing it. my mom had
the most priceless look on her face!!

and there's my grandma at the far end - she too
enjoyed being pampered! my poor mom- she
was wondering what she had gotten herself into this time!

and me just enjoying - it was so nice to have some pampering!! my toes are a beautiful bright pink. definitely right for a south bound holiday!

and one of my sister - check out the baby bump!
can't wait for another little one to snuggle!

we had a lovely time there - the chairs we were in were those massaging type ones, gotta love it!

there's a call for a snow storm tonight - although we aren't supposed to get it, the city is forcasted to get up to 15 cm of snow. crazy crazy weather!

and on a "prep" note for holidays, i actually put stuff into my suitcase today. not done yet, but it sure doesn't seem like much. i'm thinking its because it's still not exactly warm enough here, i'm not used to the warm weather clothing. i do want to have room for a pillow though, as the hotel reviews are consistantly saying that they suck. i got the boys in gear today too, b has pretty much everything packed other than underwear and pj's, j is in the same place too. so that's good. i always stress about not having enough stuff to wear. or the stuff i might want. but its all good. still searching for a lightweight pair of black pants. but if i don't find any, oh well.

hey, and thanks to mona and lacintha! ((((HUGS)))) ladies!! you made my day :) !


Anam_Kihaku said...

great photos. glad you had a lovely day,. love that bump on yoru sister.

Elia said...

Great photos Julie. Looks like you all had a fabulous time and enjoyed the pampering. GFY!!!