Saturday, January 30, 2010

reunion and weekend plans

so there was a bit of chit chat by a few people that i have on my facebook about a 20 year reunion.

now, after a bit of back and forth, we have a venue (i hope - still need to get ahold of the fellow - he owns a lounge that looks pretty poshy, went to school with him since elementary!!) a date, and now just need to get a bit of a planning committee together for the whole thing.

interesting to see how fast word spreads, even with so few of us keeping in touch over the years!

this weekend will be a nice chance to do some relaxing - we have been fairly busy still this last month, but i get some r& r without having to feel too guilty. dh is off to a stag party with work guys, and he'll be staying overnight in the city. we both know that it will just be better all the way around - i don't have to go pick him up, and he won't have to worry about driving home. he's already claimed a couch at a co-worker's home.

i do have a couple things on my to-do list: laundry and getting my payroll and expenses done for last week. the boys and i are going to go out for dinner so that takes care of that :)

hoping to get a little bit of scrapbooking done as well. i have all of our cuba pictures now organized, and thanks to a couple packages of 12x12 page protectors that are sectioned off to hold 6 individual pictures on each side of the page, i won't be doing a super intensive album. considering i printed off 300 pictures, there is just no way that would work anyhow.

so that's it for today - have a great weekend!


Sarah said...

hey julie! thanks for the comment. only 2 lbs?!?! that's amazing congrats!

Lacintha said...

Hey Julie...I'm guessing an update with warm sun flled pics are in order, right ? :)

Hope all is well with you...