Wednesday, January 27, 2010

kreativ blogger

so the wonderful meredith has named me as a kreativ blogger... i don't know mer in real life, but when i get to boston one of these days, we shall meet. at starbucks. without children (well, ok, her littles can come so i can feed LM chocolate cake and get him all hyped up on chocolate). and the coffee will be on me!
the challenge is as follows: share 5 random things about me, and then bestow the honor of kreativ blogger to another 5 (possibly unwilling) bloggers that i hope read my blog and will pass it on... and on... and on....

5 random things... let's see...

1. go back, way back... i took classical piano lessons for the majority of my formative years. from about age 3 (when my mom got frustrated with the whole yamaha program) through to age 17. i don't own a piano myself anymore. but there is a big beautiful grand in my mom's house. (i also don't play anymore. but i could.)

2. i love to read. in the last week i've read 2 totally trashy but lovely novels by Susan Elizabeth Phillips - "What I did for love" and "Glitter Baby". total escapism, but that's what i like. oh, and cookbooks. cookbooks are good reading. especially when you're on a diet. food porn. gotta love it!

3. i play hidden object games. love 'em all.

4. i really want to know how to work the f-stop on my dslr. i just don't get it. so maybe i should take that photography class i've been procrastinating about. or read the manual. hmmm... maybe that would be good bathroom reading??

5. totally random - my sister ran into a girl that was a horrible bully to me when i was in high school a few months ago. the girl (lady now, i suppose??) tells her that she really wishes that she had not been so mean to me and to tell me that she's sorry. ya know what honey? i had totally forgotten about you from 20 years ago, and now, that would just be a little late. and, quite honestly, if she still remembers how horrible she was, i'm just a little bit glad for it. maybe she found her conscience somewhere in that little cold bitchy heart of hers after all.

ok, so there's the random list. and the torch shall now be passed on to:

mona - you're so sweet and kind, but unwilling to accept anything less than the best for her kids. and because she's a momma that all kids would want.

sarah - love reading her travel adventures as she is living and working in london!

sue - because sue is just an awesome gal - and she always has her blog up to date. and because she's a great photographer, mom and doesn't complain about her job like the rest of us LOL

lee - again another blogger that puts me to shame and always has something new up on her blog - pieces of her life, creative tidbits, and always a smile :)

carmen - because for just a little while, i'd love her sense of style. and her home. oh, and maybe all of her lovely furniture too... and also her ability to keep things organized. and that she actually gets her scrapbooking done :)

that's about it for tonight. i do have some other stuff to post, but will keep that for another day, hopefully not too long from now!


Meredith said...

Hey, LM is hoped up on chocolate right this very minute! Also, he is obsessed with hidden pictures stuff so you have that in common.

I like that the bully felt remorse and you can't remember her. It shows some growth on her end and well, that is never bad right?

I am so with you on the food porn thing. I love cookbooks!

Carmen said...

Julie!! How lovely to connect with you!! And how SWEET are you for this comment! Okay, I will pick up this torch and post on my blog!!

Sue Sykes said...

Thanks, Julie!! Wish I could live up to the awesome plug (I don't complain about my job - just everything else... ;)) I was recently "nominated" by Connie for this - but I'm sure I could find five more quirky random facts about me! :)

Miss our daily conversations - hope all is well with you!