Friday, April 03, 2009

progress comes in baby steps

sometimes you wonder why things can take so long to actually come about. this is how things looked after tuesday....

and this is how things look after today.

and really, that's all the "time" it took.

two not-even-full days. that's because our contractor only showed up those two days this week. well... at least its something, i suppose.

hopefully by the end of next week the sheathing will be on the remaining bit on the walls, and the roof. looking at the very top picture, that is the west wall of the house, and we'll be putting in a fireplace (middle of the bottom of the wall) and 2 smaller windows up high. our current front window will be moving up to the very front, as well as the front door we have now. there will be one more window adjacent to the front door that is new. i'm just happy its finally starting to look like something other than a mess!! (well, excusing the mud, the giant construction bin and the ever present recycling bin)

cross your fingers for me - its not as much of a ghetto around here now!! LOL

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Meredith said...

I haven't needed a contractor yet but I hear these horror stories that they just stop coming, or only come a few days here or there. It seems insane that they can get away with that! I really hope it gets better for you all real soon so you have a nice huge addition!