Thursday, March 26, 2009

still here

and nothing's happened to the house in the last 3 weeks... well, you could count the plastic if you really want to. this is what living in a ghetto house looks like...

nope. not impressive is it? and this was taken 3 weeks ago. the only difference, like i said, is that there is some plastic hanging down from the front above the window (it was raining in through the window casing when the snow was melting one day), more plastic hanging down in front of the door (as water was coming in through that wall too, which lead to rather damp carpeting in dh's office) and a small bit of framing where the new angled bit will be just in front of where the door is now.

and its been windy. so the tar paper flaps on the side of the house where it has come loose. and the siding flaps and bangs where it is untacked. add to that the flapping of the plastic, and we have a 3 piece band gracing us with percussion while its blowing.


and unbelievably frustrating.

which is probably one of the biggest reasons i haven't posted anything for a while. its just too darn depressing.

moving on. because that's the only thing that's getting me by right now...

went to cranbrook last week for work, and had a super evening with the Gladdy at the b&b i stay at. she is one heck of a super lady, and when i pulled up that day, she bounced out the door and exclaimed - "good! you're here! you've got 10 minutes, we're going to a party!" LOL gotta love her. and it was a great evening out!! went to a VIP grand opening party for the east side mario's that is opening there. met the mayor of cranbrook. met the guy that oversees the franchise openings. and they were serving ceasar's, which of course is fitting for the clamato rep!! met alot of other great people, we had samples of their menu items, and wine, beer and ceasar's.

afterwards, we headed off to one of the local pub's (it was st. patrick's day) and my gf Jenny came to meet us there for a couple of drinks. it was great to catch up with her, and we're planning on getting together for a long weekend, maybe may will work for us.

so that was a fun trip, and nice that i was lucky enough to be included as a VIP!

other than work, and the disaster of a house, we're waiting to hear back on a couple of quotes for kitchen cabinets. the last quote from my dad's "guy" came in at a staggering $17, 000, which to us is completely out of the question. so there are 2 other contenders at the moment, and one of the fellows has been a dream to work with so far. he gets what we want, and he knows he needs to be competetive.

and then i asked dh why we need to be concerned about waiting for the outside addition to be done before we start on the inside. well, apparently, we can start on the inside as soon as we get our cabinets arranged. so that makes me happy. at this rate, we could have the kitchen done and over with before the addition is even near completion. and that would actually be a good thing if you ask me. we're just so darn cramped in there, its not even funny. we spend so much time in the kitchen area with friends and family, more than 3 people and no one can move. keep your fingers crossed for me!

puttering around with photoshop tonight, i came up with this:

its using one of the templates courtesy of scrapbooks etc. i'm not a photoshop whiz by any means, and i liked that this actually worked with a bit of fiddling. i'm working on getting started on our latest holiday mini album, so trying to find some fresh ideas to work with my pictures instead of just my usual format that i use.

hope you're all having a great day out there... maybe some new house stuff will be ready for posting next week!


Amanda said...

Be patient, my dear -- someday it will be finished!

(I'm still waiting for mine.)

Sarah said...

hey julie i'm going to bookmark your blog!

Jill Sarginson said...

I know allll about house renos!! HUG!! :)

We went through 2 years of renos!

Hey - you do digi - I have a couple of freebies on my blog if you'd like (

One's an alpha and the other is a mask.

Meredith said...

Ugh - sorry to hear of the renovation depression - apparently it is a very common condition and I hear tell that copious amounts of wine help allay the symptoms. I also really like your collage of fun in the sun and surf!